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June 26th: Doodles, Directions, and Dark Matter

Kaleidoscope Doodler

Doodle on the canvas in Kyle Stetz's Pen and it will transform into a colorful, kaleidoscopic pattern.

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How I Built a Pure CSS Crossword Puzzle

Remember Adrian Roworth's amazing CSS-only crossword puzzle Pen? He wrote about how he built it with CSS grid and a bit of selector magic in this Sitepoint article.

Pokémon Blue/Red CSS Edition Opening

"I wanted to combine the powers of SASS pixel art with one of my favorite childhood video games, that's why I recreated the original Pokémon Blue and Red Version opening in pure CSS!" - from Kai Brueckers

CodePen Radio #135: Sarah Drasner

On the latest episode of CodePen Radio, we talk to web animation superstar Sarah Drasner about her Web Animation Workshop project, and the amazing work she contributes to the CodePen community!

Curious Squid

This lil squid wants to know what you're up to! Built by pimskie as an experiment with verlet code.

Responsive Blog Post

"by Gary Busey" - Joshua Ward's clean, responsive design makes the off-kilter rambling of Busey Ipsum look nicely put together.

Creating an interactive SVG metro map with JointJS

Przemek Maszczynski post on "the enjoyable process of working with metro map", with a bunch of great embedded Pens along the route!

An Endless Hike on a Tiny World

A flamingo, eternally strolling around the globe in Joris van Raaij's charming Pen.

Butterflies Drink Dark Matter

Rainbow butterflies gather around an ominous orb of dark matter in this gorgeous Pen from yoksel.

In the Spotlight

Dan Wilson combined "CSS Variables + Mix Blend Mode to move a spotlight around an image below".

CSS Scenery

The sun shines over a calm sea in agathaco's CSS take on a Dribbble design by bingbing.