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December 19th: Happy Holidays!

SCSS random() Christmas Tree

Andrew Hawkes' festive tree "[takes] advantage of SASS lists, loops and the random() function."

CSS Fat Cat

by Cassidy Williams. Mr. Purrrkins wants to see you in his office, right meow!

A Round of Preprocessor Upgrades

We've upgraded the preprocessors on CodePen, including the much-requested move from Jade to Pug!

Holly Jolly Christmas Collection

Check out Marie's collection of the best holiday Pens from Christmas present and Christmas past!

Go PRO on CodePen

Unlock the full power of CodePen with features like Live View, Private Pens, Asset Hosting, and many more.

Want to learn Pug...with Pugs?

Bryan Stoner (and some good doggo gifs) can get you up and running!

CodePen Meetups in 2017!

RSVP for a CodePen meetup in the new year! There are January meetups in Orlando, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Pittsburgh

Cat Hands

All of us have dreamed of having cat hands at least once in their life, right?

Pastel Gradients

Beautiful collation of gradients to use in your next bright and bubbly projects.

DOM Tree

It's not the holidays without going back and marveling in Hakim El Hattab's swirling shrubbery of inputs, dropdowns, and radios.

Pixel Santa

Alex Wright's recreation of a Dribbble shot. The pixels are done through multiple zero-blur box-shadows, so there are only a handful of HTML elements.

Winter Wonderland

Another Dribbble shot recreation, this time by Kevin Jannis, who added some lovely slow animations.

Holiday Experiment

Gosh if that those aren't the most perfect, modern, classy holiday colors ever, I don't know what are.

Popup Buildings

The way João Justo's buildings spring from the ground is very satisfying.