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January 10th: SVG Texture, CSS Architecture, and 2022's First Design Trend?

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Fox in the Wind

Louis Hoebregts uses Three.js to add beautiful fur flowing in the wind to a 3D fox model by Jake Blakeley. Drag the scene to watch the way the wind blows from every angle.

Spirited Away Bathhouse (Aburaya) - 3D CSS

Adam Kuhn recreates the Hayao Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" "with some JS-free cursor reactivity, as a treat"

Minimal pure CSS textile patterns

Ana Tudor shares a spectacular gallery of "patterns created with CSS gradients. No other images used and they are all tiny! All of them are under 500 bytes minified, some of them well under!"

#CodePenChallenge: Random

January's "Generative Art" challenge started with randomization. Browse through our collection of the Pens from week one, including Sanja_kaz's randomly generated "CSS Cities".

CSS Star Wars Binoculars Animation

Jane Ori demonstrates sci-fi shaping from the CSS library augmented-ui with a pixelated, panning view through a pair of Star Wars binoculars.

Real-time Backups for All

Jetpack now includes comprehensive, real-time backups for your WordPress site in each of our Backup and Security plans. Don’t pay for storage space you don’t need — instead, pay based on the size of your site.

Texture Experiment

Cassie Evans creates a trio of gloriously gritty shapes for this experiment with noisy texture in SVG.

Responsive Houdini 3D Carousel

Jhey Tompkins takes the concept of carousels for the web literally with this animated carnival carousel, built with Pug and CSS.

Silkscreen Squiggles

Tom Miller really captures the essence of silkscreen paint in this randomized SVG animation. Click to replay the animation and randomize the color & sequence.


antoniasymeonidou shares a prediction for a 2022 design trend: "claymorphism". The elements of the look are "pastel colors, double light inner/dark outer shadow."

Genuary 2022 | Day 8

Paul J Karlik answers the #genuary2022 prompt "single curve only" with WebGL and a Single Fragment shader.

Simple CSS Moon

Nils Binder takes an ultra-minimal approach to the moon in this smooth & serene CSS animation.


A stack of pastel teapots tumble and bounce around in a pyramid formation in this surreal Three.js animation from ycw.

CodePen Radio #349: with Olivia Ng

CodePen co-founder Chris Coyier chats with Olivia Ng about her wonderful work here on CodePen and elsewhere, including her outstanding series of work with CSS grid.

Matrix of Cubes with One Element

Temani Afif performs a really cool CSS trick! A single-div filled with a matrix of cubes, crafted with CSS variables and clever use of background and masking.

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