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January 3rd: Cut-Corner Buttons, JavaScript Ferns, and a chat with Jhey Tompkins

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Barnsley Fern Playground

Dillo demonstrates the beautiful geometry of Barnsley ferns with an interactive Pen. The Pen's description gives a tutorial on the affine transformations that form the fern.

Best CSS 3D Cuboid Ever

"How many DIVs do we need to make a cube? Seven? Six? Probably three? NO. Two DIVs are enough not only to make a cube but also to make a flexible cuboid. Here is a demo Pen showing how we can do that". From S. Shahriar.

Cut Corner Cool Button

Can't go wrong with a cool button! Temani Afif shares a trio of button styles with "No extra element, No pseudo element. Easy to adjust using CSS variables".

Out-of-Bounds: Generating and disposing of objects in Three.js and Cannon.js

"Properly disposing of objects to free up memory is vital in a WebGL application. As the balls fall over the edge, we rapidly and proportionally decrease their opacity, and when the opacity reaches zero, we dispose of the material and geometry and remove them from the physics world and render lists." From HoraceShmorace.

CodePen Radio #348: With Jhey

Jhey Tompkins is one of the most prolific CodePen creators out there! His creations tend to have a twist of whimsy while being beautifully designed as well as pushing the platform in unique ways. You’ll always be surprised at a Jhey Pen! Chris talks with him about the creative process, problem-solving, and sharing what you learn.

Moon Surface (416 Bytes) #PetitePatterns

Bence Szabo creates a moon surface pattern as the final piece in a yearlong personal challenge, #PetitePatterns: "to create a unique organic pattern or texture each week in pure SVG. Size limit was 560 bytes (2 tweets)." Congrats, Bence!

Secure Apps Automatically

We create, manage and renew your SSL certificates and also protect your apps from DDoS attacks. Focus on what matters the most: building awesome apps. Let us handle provisioning and managing infrastructure, operating systems, databases, application runtimes, and other dependencies.

Based on Moirémotion

Toshiya Marukubo pays tribute to the interactive print book "Moirémotion" by Takahiro Kurashima in JavaScript. Hover to move the moiré panel over the background and create the illusion of animation.

Generative Snowflakes

"Every snowflake is individual". Huge, colorful flakes fall and accumulate in this generative snowstorm built with Cannon and Three.js by Lea Rosema.

Single Div Flickering Neon Text

Sometimes, a little nudge is all you need. anniebombanie shares a CSS text animation with a friendly reminder on the first step of any important process: just start!

The Matrix Resurrections

This minimal take on The Matrix series' iconic green lines of code is #26 in a series of CSS/JavaScript "digital posters" from Sparklingman.

Scale Apps, Not Costs

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Noah Raskin gives the infamous coding challenge "FizzBuzz" a stylish reset with this tidy table of results.

#CodePenChallenge: Flip

Flip through our collection of Pens from the final week of the December "Animation with GreenSock" challenge, including Manolis Kalafatis' flippin' clever anagram.

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