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May 29th: Patterns, Poems, and The Power of CSS

Sugar, Sugar: A Three.js Project Walkthrough

Nat Cooper is back with another Creative Coding Club challenge! This post outlines "a step-by-step project walkthrough that will result in a 3D visualization of random rotating sugar particles using three.js".

generate random font combinations (Google Fonts, Vue.js)

Next time you're picking fonts, check out Mert Nerukuc's font randomizer. Pick some font families and hit "Generate" to see a random pairing.

Liquid Button

Tamino Martinius' intriguingly viscous button is inspired by a Dribbble shot by Antonio Petre.

Waterdroplet WebGL Shader

from Stefan Weck: "A WebGL Shader I made to simulate rain falling on your window/screen! Using Javascript for the rain simulation and a WebGL shader for the gooey effect and the refraction of the water droplets. Works both on mobile and on desktop and is fully responsive!"

haiku4u - a lorem ipsum haiku generator

Type a word into Stephanie's Project and it will generate a haiku! "The haikus are sometimes accurate, mostly ridiculously nonsensical, and pretty much always hilarious AI speak."

The Time Lag Accumulator

"The Time Lag Accumulator is a musical system that messes with time. Every note you play is repeated over and over every few seconds, until it gradually fades out. This means you can play a duet with the you from the past."- from Tero Parviainen.

BG MixMaster 90 — CSS Background Grid /Pattern Generator

Jase Smith's created a rad mixtape of background grids & patterns. Twist the dials to create your own pattern, then flip the tape to side B to save the CSS to your own Pen!

mouse position color picker

Stuck on picking out a color palette for your next project? Drop the dropper anywhere on David A's Pen to start picking colors, and scroll up and down the page to change saturation.

SVG Calculator Dial with GSAP

Peter Barr uses the GSAP draggable and throwprops plugins to animate this impressive SVG calculating dial.

The Power of CSS Talk

Check out Una Kravets slides from her talk at Front Trends, complete with embedded Pens-within-Pens!

CSS Chameleon Whale

Lisi's animated whale just wants to blend in! It changes colors as you move your mouse around the page.

Primes and Twin Primes

"Explore an experimentation surrounding primes and twin prime values." - from Holly Springsteen