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October 4th: CSS Sci-Fi Art, JavaScript Generative Flowers, and the #Divtober Kickoff

#CodePenChallenge: Reflections

We wrapped up the September "Light" challenge with reflections. Check out the Pens from week four, including Jackie Zen's glitchwave mirror.

Endless Run Game: Car Race

Go for a never-ending drive using your keyboard's arrow keys in this mini-game from Takane Ichinose.

Sparkly Stars

Jacob Foster writes in the stars with JavaScript. Hover around to see some shiny distortion.

CodePen Radio #335: Code's a Drag

In this episode, Chris and Stephen drag you through all the the ways we've implemented drag & drop features throughout CodePen.

ASCII Artwork

Eric Karkovack curates a splendid collection of ASCII artistry from the CodePen community.

Flower Generator

A series of weird and wonderful blossoms bloom when you click in Liam Egan generative Pen.

RGB Blob Preloader

"A lava lamp-ish preloader producing the colors of print. Based on VR Loader by Oleg Frolov." From Jon Kantner.

3D Hover Buttons

Johnny Simpson shares a selection of buttons with fun 3D hover effects, complete with a detailed tutorial on how they were made.

Single Div CSS Laptop Fan

Lynn Fisher kicks off #divtober with a familiar scene for the CodePen community: a laptop with fans spinning so fast it flies away!

Sci-Fi Art: A Vacuum From Space

Ben Evans is back with another jaw-dropping drawing in CSS! This sci-fi scene is a true marvel of CSS illustration technology.

Hand Fan Tessellation 2

Johan Karlsson crafts a gorgeous pattern with Babel. Resize or refresh the preview for a new layout.

Pure CSS Skipping Rope

Ana Tudor creates a hypnotic skipping rope animation with CSS. There's a link in the Pen to a YouTube live coding session where Ana shows how it was made in about 15 minutes!