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September 6th: Draggable Carousels, Custom Cursors, and CSS Stonehenge

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Stonehenge - Pure CSS

"A 3D approximation of what the megalithic monument of Stonehenge looked like. There are many different interpretations of how it was, I have made mine based on several of them and adapting it to what I could do in CSS." From Josetxu.

Circle Cursors

Chris Heuberger shares a set of clever cursors that change when you hover different sections of the page.

Voronoi Tessellations + Image Sampling

George Francis gives us a little preview of an upcoming tutorial with this tessellation demonstration. Check out the JS panel to take a peek at the sampled image.

The Best WordPress Backups with Jetpack

Jetpack has a ton of amazing features for your self-hosted WordPress site. But perhaps none more important than being the best backup and restore system available for WordPress. Jetpack Backup is available à la carte, so if that's all you need from Jetpack, you got it.

CodePen Radio #331: Next.js + Apollo + SSR

In another episode of CodePen Radio on TV, Chris and Shaw take you on an exploration of server side rendering in Next.js using data from Apollo GraphQL for faster client-rendering and SEO benefits.

Music App

Håvard Brynjulfsen translates a fresh music app concept by Sulton handaya on Dribbble to HTML & CSS.

Mobius Transformation

Liam Egan demonstrates We the Collective's wtc-gl and wtc-math libraries with this mind-bending black & white swirl.

Horizontal Carousel w/GSAP Draggable

A draggable photo carousel with satisfying inertia from Tom Miller, with help from the GreenSock forum community.

CSS-only Homer Simpson

CSS cartoonist Alvaro Montoro works with the classics in this single-element portrait of Homer Simpson.

CSS Only 3D Trivision Board

You're gonna flip out over the realistic flutter in this animated trivision board from Amit Sheen.

SVG Workshops Text Masking

When Cassie Evans' SVG Workshop gets together, great things are in the works! Browse through a stellar collection of text masking experiments from the latest event.

Random Zürich

David A. generates dynamic posters for districts in Zürich, inspired by artwork from Design Reviewed's archive shop.

Star Wars Inspired Countdown

"Countdown interface inspired by the scene at the end of Star Wars which shows the Death Star approaching the rebel base on Yavin 4. All graphics are created in Canvas, and the outer red elements are generated to create a random pattern every second, within given parameters. Respects "prefers-reduced-motion" media query for non-essential animation." From Nick Watton.