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July 26th: Emoji List Styles, Side-Scrolling Kaiju, and SVG Tricks

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#CodePenChallenge: Tessellation

Last week in the "Patterns" challenge, we played with tessellation. Check out our collection of Pens from week three, including Jackie Zen's animated postcard "Greetings from Santorini!"

Wood Toy

Ion Drimba Filho recreates an animation of a marble track by Travis Ragsdale with Three.js and Cannon.js.


Godzilla takes you on a side-scrolling hike through a "few of the things we can destroy for you" in this fun demonstration of GSAP's ScrollTrigger from Tom Miller.

Moving on a Penrose Triangle

Amit Sheen shows all of the possible paths to follow on a Penrose triangle in this mesmerizing CSS animation.

CodePen Radio #325: New Embed Modal

Chris and Stephen talk about the New Embed Modal. We got to re-architect the thing into our modern stack, using all our latest design patterns, and improve the UX of it quite a bit while we were at it.

Pricing UI with PrimeFlex

Mert Cukuren builds a responsive, three-panel pricing table with the PrimeFlex CSS utility library.

Cacheable 3-Color SVGs

Scott Henderson demonstrates how to create a third color in a 2-color SVG by manipulating the opacity of the lighter color.

Confetti with Background Mask

Matteo Bruni demonstrates the party power of tsParticles with a shower of confetti in colors drawn from a masked background image.


Mustafa Enes gives us lenticular summer evening vibes with Perlin noise.

Emoji List

Adam Argyle demonstrates the fun possibilities of a combination of @counter-style, list-style-type, and emoji.

11 Geometric Trees

RodenKerthin plants a sci-fi CSS forest with box-shadow and border-radius.

Metallic Bordered Text with CSS

Shireen Taj dips some bold text in CSS gold with a classy combination of radial and linear gradients, plus background-clip.