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July 5th: Variable Fonts, JavaScript Art, and a QR Game of Life

Power Tools for MongoDB. Tried & Trusted

Query faster, import or export in multiple formats, generate instant code, automate repetitive tasks, and much more with Studio 3T.


Mustafa Enes gives us a view into a pixelated morning in this surreal animated Pen.

Text Hover

Gayane Gasparyan has some fun with variable fonts and a line that shifts from thin to thick on hover.

Click to Open

An unassuming button unfolds like a brochure (and folds back up again on dismiss) in this animated Pen from Amit Sheen.

SVG Background Image Animation

Adam Kuhn combines four background-image SVGs into a mindbending CSS animation.

CodePen Radio #322: Upgrading Upgrades

Chris & Dee get into the details and behind-the-scenes releases leading up to a major overhaul of the PRO upgrade experience on CodePen.

QR of Life

A QR code bursts into the cellular automata of The Game of Life in this vibrant Pen from meodai.

Blob Creation Process

George Francis gives us some insight into how SVG blobs are made. Connect the dots!

Survey: If you don't use Jetpack on your WordPress site, why not?

Jetpack can do a whole bunch of things for your self-hosted WordPress site. This survey is born out of curiosity and a desire to understand where people are coming from. If you don't use it, why not?

#CodePenChallenge: Menu Layout

We popped into a cafe for the final week of June's layout challenge! Check out our collection of Pens from week four, including Ashley Allison's responsive layout.

Humans since 1982

Murilo Polese pays tribute to one of the ClockClock designs from Humans since 1982 with JavaScript.

Literally Lit Elements

Manan Tank shows us how to really light up an element with bubbly particle flames.


"A simple card component using :focus-within and some other neat stuff" from HÃ¥vard Brynjulfsen.

Temporal Case Studies POC

Jhey Tompkins shares a "blockquote concept using a little perspective and CSS custom properties".