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June 7th: Houdini Gateways, CSS Space Invaders, and Three.js Noise

Pure CSS magic gateways with Houdini

Magical rainbow gateways open and close in this beautiful animated Pen by Ana Tudor, best viewed in Chromium browsers.

Only CSS: Miniature City

Yusuke Nakaya builds a slowly rotating little city block in the browser with CSS.

SVG Generative Art - CSG1 [Phases 1]

John Wai serves up a sea of infinite sunrises in this generative SVG Pen. Use the controls to save a design or generate a new one!

CodePen Radio #318: What is CodePen with Anna Lytical

Chris is joined by Coding Drag Queen Anna Lytical to talk about what CodePen is and how Anna uses it to teach new developers how to code.

Thank you - Have a nice day

Ryan Mulligan says "Thank You' with the signature style of your favorite takeout place's plastic bags. Check out the subtle scrolling fast food in the background!

#curiouslyminded with Bruno Simon

ilithya opened a portal to the unknown in a live coding session with Bruno Simon. There's a link to the recorded livestream in the Pen description.

Play CSS Space Invaders

Jon Slater builds a playable Space Invaders game with CSS, complete with a high scores table.

Impossible Penrose Triangle Loader

A loading loop passes through a Penrose triangle in this lovely loader animation from indextwo.

Is your website accessible?

Deque's axe DevTools browser extension makes accessibility testing easy for dev teams. Try it free today. No experience or payment required.

A Fake Dream

"Play with frequency, wavelength, thickness and colors to get interesting results." From Mustafa Enes.

Rainbow Shader

Timo Hausmann fills a Pen with Three.js rainbow stripes. See the comments in the JS panel for a little history lesson!

Jetpack Instant Search

Jetpack can entirely replace the search experience on your WordPress site, taking it from not-great to incredibly good. Try search on for live example. Want it? You can pay for it à la carte, meaning you aren't paying for any other Jetpack features you may not want or need.

Neumorphic Brick Phone

Jon Kantner takes us back to the clunky phone days with this interactive brick that does just about everything but make a phone call. Take a peek at the control list in the description to see what it can do!

Art of Noise #29

Tibixx continues a spectacular collection of artful Three.js experiments with this Pen filled with pulsating colorful dots. Open up the controls to do your own experiment with the noise axes and speed.