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May 10th: SVG Generative People, CSS Pyramid Tours, and Modern Old School Buttons

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Rocket Upload Animation

Jon Kantner sends uploads to space with this awesome button with three animated stages: upload start, uploading, and success.

Modern Old School Button

Nils Binder takes it back to the early days of border-radius with these charmingly retro "add to cart" buttons, redone with modern CSS.

CSS Skateboard

If you've ever wondered if CSS can do a kickflip, deren2525 has your answer in this animated Pen.

The Flame Keeps Burning

Animation great Chris Gannon celebrates 9,000 CodePen followers! "Thank you to all the people on here who inspire me - you push me forward to make new things."

#CodePenChallenge: Birds

The "Animal Kingdom" #CodePenChallenge got off to a soaring start with the week one prompt: birds! Check out our Challenge Collection, including ycw's "parallax bird".

Great Pyramid of Giza - 3D Model - Pure CSS

Josetxu takes us on an interactive 3D tour of the Great Pyramid. Try out the checkbox controls to pause, play, add, and remove details from the model.

Simple CSS Loaders

Sometimes, you just need a good loader! Jenning has you covered with this selection of single-element animated loaders.


Pratham merges two design trends into one with a pair of water drop illustrations. "Neumorphism and glassmorphism design are awesome, but I invented this Dropmorphism UI design"

Checkbox group styled as tiles

"A demonstration of how to create checkboxes that doesn't necessarily looks like... well, checkboxes." From Håvard Brynjulfsen.

Generative SVG paper people

Michelle Barker cuts out a new group of SVG "construction paper" people every time you refresh this Pen.


Laura Grassi shares a Collection of fun pop-culture themed CSS illustrations. Check out the clever details on the League of Legends knife!

Text Selection Fun

Adir shares a set of subtle, satisfying text interactions in CSS.

Jetpack Boost provides one-click optimizations that supercharge your WordPress site

Several of Jetpack's performance-focused features are moving their way over to Jetpack Boost. For example, lazy-loading image (a huge performance win) is now in Jetpack Boost and you can turn it on with the flip of a switch. The most amazing, and brand new, feature of Jetpack Boost is that it does Critical CSS handling for you, which is also a big performance win and very difficult to do by hand.