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April 5th: Toggles, Typography, and Text-Shadow

Automatically translate MongoDB queries

With Studio 3T convert MongoDB, aggregation, & SQL queries to Javascript, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, & the mongo shell language in one click.

Jetpack Turns 10!

Jetpack was born in March 2011. For the last 10 years, we’ve been happy to help you protect, speed up, and grow your business or hobby WordPress site. Thanks for letting us travel with you on your journey towards success. Here’s to the next 10 years!

Creativity Now

" What is creativity? This is a tribute to messy ideas and my wandering mind." Click anywhere on Anna the Scavenger's 3D art to generate a new creative color palette!

Cube Life

Conway's Game of Life plays out on an SVG cube in this animated Pen from Mehdi Vasigh.

Parallax Photo Carousel

Tom Miller shares a photo carousel with a super-satisfying swipe scroll.

Grogu Toggle

Slide the toggle to open up "Baby Yoda's" sleeping pod in this adorable Star Wars-themed Pen from Kristopher Van Sant.

Outlined Text Shadow with Fallback

Well hello, text-shadow! Eric Portis outlines a big greeting with a deep shadow.


A hand-drawn Kentrosaurus strides through an SVG desert in this adorable Pen from Michelle Barker.

My #anydayshaders

Prepare to have your mind blown by the psychedelic creations of Lea Rosema in this beautiful Collection of Lea's #anydayshaders project.

CodePen Radio #309: Elasticsearch

Dee, Chris, and Alex talk all about the technology of Elasticsearch. We use it for (wait for it): search. But interestingly enough, that’s not all. Elasticsearch is just a data store that can be useful for all sorts of other things. But before we get to that, we explain the technology and some of the problems we’ve had along the way.

Classic Windows Calculator

Jon Kantner turns the calculator icon from classic versions of Windows into a working calculator!

CSS Magik Cube

There's a whole leopard hidden in this Pen! Hover around to peek inside cdmoro's magik cube and catch a glimpse.

The Clips of CSS v2 (React && Prism)

Jhey Tompkins shares a handy clip-path shape builder. Pick a shape from the dropdown and click the "copy" button to grab the CSS!

Intrinsic Typography demo with Typetura

"This is a demo of intrinsic typography for an upcoming article. All the text styles are fluidly interpolated as the element sizes change without any breakpoints or media queries. As a result of this method of typesetting, all the headlines on the page can be driven by a single style and the page can scale from the size of a watch up to the size of a TV while still remaining clear and legible." From Scott Kellum.