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March 29th: Vanilla JS Particles, Menu Tilts, and GSAP Time Travel

Photo Tear

So much satisfaction in Steve Garner's photo ripping simulator! Rip 'em fast or tear 'em slow, and check out the little details like the perfect frayed edges on the tear as you go.

Voronoi destruction image carousel - ThreeJS/GSAP

LoFi has another way to destroy a picture: voronoi partitions! Slide your way through the carousel and watch the images explode.

Tilt to make room for menu

"An effect similar to the mobile Safari tab experience. tilt background and fade to make room for a menu." From Mikael Ainalem.

Image made out of Particles

Hover around the canvas to disrupt the particles in this interactive image built with vanilla JS by Angela Galliat.

#CodePenChallenge: Monochromatic Color Palette

We wrapped up March's color harmonies challenge with a monochromatic color palette! Check out the Pens from week four, including Pepita K.'s "Monochromatic UI".

CodePen Radio #308: User Testing

Klare and Chris talk about speaking to users directly about CodePen to get their feedback and as much other intel as we can in the spirit of making CodePen better and validating some ideas for future features.

Cafe Illustration

Albert Walicki sets up shop with this adorable CSS illustration.

So Much Unzipping

It's an infinite loop of unzipping folders that unzip more folders that unzip more folders in this animated Pen from Jon Kantner.

Choose Wisely

You can only choose two! Momcilo Popov demonstrates the client's dilemma in this interactive Pen.

Only CSS: Satellite

A flock of paper planes circle a dark globe in this pure CSS animation from Yusuke Nakaya.

Time Travelling with GSAP

Jhey Tompkins lets you take control of the hands of time in this "Meta GSAP" timeline animation.

Heart Button

SÅ‚awek Jaskulski shares a set of simple "like" buttons with delightfully bouncy hearts.