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March 22nd: Tailwinds Notifications, a CSS Grid Calendar, and JavaScript Games

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CSS Neon Button Maker

Build yourself a neon button in your favorite color with LukyVJ's Pen. Check out what happens when you enable the "animate" option!

Bouncing off the walls...

A falling ball ping-pongs off an endless stream of panels in this awesome CSS animation from Amit Sheen.

CSS-Only Calendar Layout

Una Kravets crafts a stylish layout for a busy calendar with CSS grid.

Ecommerce Product Notifications

Rob Stinson shares a set of handy, shopping-themed notifications built with Tailwind.

water bending

A webGL blob of water hovers on a seaside street in this beautiful Pen from halvves.

#CodePenChallenge: Tetradic Color Palette

In the third week of the Color Palettes Challenge, we worked with a 4 part tetradic color palette. Check out the Pens from week 3, including Natalia's "generative SVG using a tetradic color pallette".

CodePen Radio #307: We're Hiring a Gopher

A Go-person? A Golanger? A person who’s good at Go, anyway. That’s who we’d like to hire at CodePen, at the senior level. In this podcast, we chat about how we’re thinking about this new role, why Go has been so important to us so far, and what we hope to do with it

Neuomorphism Trapped Animated Blob V1.0

"This is an experiment with the checkbox. In version one this is a simple reveal animation upon check to show the animated blob. I also made the blob hover responsive, because why not." From Colleen Lohr.

Fuzzy VHS Dream Clouds

George Francis brings a perfectly retro, colorful fuzziness to your browser with PIXI.js.


Håvard Brynjulfsen showcases a Collection of solid UI work, featuring menus, buttons, toggles, and forms.


ycw makes a mysterious panel of patterns with Three.js. Zoom out and flip it over to check out the back!

Traffic Run Game

Hunor Marton Borbely shares a playable car game, complete with an accompanying tutorial video that shows how it was made.


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