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March 15th: Popsicles, Panels, and Pugs

Realistic Red Switch (Pure CSS)

Yoav Kadosh uses "gradients, 3D transformations, animations and transitions" to craft this awesome recreation of Voicu Apostol's "3D Red Switch" from Dribbble.

#CodePenChallenge: Triadic Color Palette

For week two of the Color Harmonies challenge, we worked with a palette of three harmonious colors. Check out the Pens from week two, including Liam Egan's "Generative tricolour popsicals".

Weather Icon Showcase | HTML, CSS

Ayla Ex is forecasting a mix of HTML sunshine and CSS rain in your future with this set of weather icons.

Toon Fireball

Three.js is on fire with this fantastic fireball from pizza3. Zoom in to see it in all its molten plasma glory.

Grid Icosahedron Refraction

There's a whole beautiful world inside the 20 sides of this icosahedron from alphardex. Hover and zoom to explore (best enjoyed in Chrome).

CodePen Radio #306: The Views of CodePen

The Editor View, perhaps the most important view on CodePen, is just one of many! In this video, Chris Coyier and Stephen Shaw look at all the different views, from the basic Full Page View to the very useful for testing Debug View, to the real-time magic of Collab Mode.


Eric Karkovack curates a stunning Collection of polygon Pens as a companion to the article "8 Awesome Examples of CSS & JavaScript Polygons" on Speckyboy.

Transitions, when details matter

On, Tamer shows you how to make components interactive and functional with animations, transformations, and transitions (and pugs!).

Glass Panels with Shapes

Kit Jenson shares an interactive set of glass panels with colorful shapes that you can control. Set the interior shape count until you have your perfect panel!

React Gallery with Keyboard Control

The Keyframers created this gallery during a livestream! Check out the Pen description for a link to the video and the design inspiration from Jurre Houtkamp on Dribbble.

Pure CSS Blackjack

"A pure CSS hand of Blackjack which uses animating/pausing @property values to generate a random-ish set of cards." From Kevin Newcombe.

Generative SVG + animation w/ GSAP and React

A generative garden of SVG plants grows in this lovely animated Pen from nszafraniec.