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April 24th: Squid, Skaters, and Sound


Cathbailh curated this collection of faces of all shapes and species. It is just bursting with personality on every page!

Particle Helix - Multiple

Grant Skinner weaved this gorgeous wispy helix with Create.js.

Me and SVG

SVG expert and author Amelia Bellamy-Royds "sat down to write out my thoughts about the future of SVG, and instead wrote about how I came to be so tangled up with it" in this post on the human side of working on web standards.

Morphing SVG Slider - 20th Century Women

Sullivan Nolan built this striking animated silder with GSAP's MorphSVG and pagePiling.js.

Three.js Dino skater

"Run for your life! Dangerously happy bus skater is here to overmaster your town" in Liza Kobrazova's delightful Three.js Pen.


Icosacid's vibrant Pen explores "the wonderful concept of Inverse Kinematics" with "gravity, viscosity and spring effects".

Z-Index Is Weird

"(but positioning is much weirder)". Ahoylemon's post takes you through all the weird details of working with z-index and position in CSS.

3D Joy Division

Gary Homewood's Pen makes Joy Division's classic album cover for Unknown Pleasures interactive with sound. Enable the mic and play it your favorite gloomy tunes for best results.

Moving Head (me)

Marjo Sobrecaray's "tribute to my new look" looks on with curiosity as you move your cursor around on the screen.

CodePen Radio #126: Project Management 2

In the latest episode of CodePen Radio: Marie, Alex, and Rachel talk about tools we used to manage our projects, what we've learned while managing projects, and tips for folks about to manage their first big project.

Sohn - Rennen animated album art

This animated album cover rendition by Will Donohoe is "part of a series of animated / interactive versions of album artworks, which lend themselves well to being recreated in web tech".

Random 3D Landscape - camping trip

Every time you refresh, Christian Östman's Pen serves up a new idyllic landscape full of happy little trees and campers.