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November 5th: Creatures, Cameras, and Calm

CSS Art Polaroid Camera

So many perfect little details in this recreation of a classic camera from kassandrasanch!

Neverending Newspaper

A newspaper takes a journey along a fence from dawn to dusk in this CSS animation from jh3y, for #nodivember.

Organic Starfish Pattern

A constellation of starfish float in a wavy sea in this tranquil Pen from Lea Rosema.

LoFi on CodePen

Let LoFi introduce you to a selection of mindbending web art in this comprehensive Collection of work over the years.


Turn off your mind and relax with this day-glo kaleidoscope, built with P5.js by Ben Matthews.

Impossible Trident Illusion (Animated)

Jackie Zen helps you understand the mystery of the impossible trident on Paramore's After Laughter album cover in this interactive Pen. Check out the link to Jackie's rendition of the full cover, too!

Box Breathing

Take a quick break and some deep breaths with this soothing CSS animation from Gonçalo Morais.

One Element Hourglass

"A hourglass preloader created using only one element. clip-path is the key property here" from Jon Kantner.

Nobody beats me at Tic-tac-toe

Up for a real challenge? Try playing a couple rounds of tic-tac-toe with the feisty little JavaScript dude in Jomohop's unbeatable game.

Hand Fan Tessellation

Johan Karlsson begins a series of beautiful JavaScript tessellations with this striking pattern. Check out Johan's profile for the rest of the series!

CSS Tentacles

David A. transforms a series of humble HTML elements into a circle of seven hypnotic tentacles that looks like a creature from the depths of the ocean.

Ada Lovelace

Ségolène Alquier pays tribute to programming visionary Ada Lovelace in this animated CSS portrait.