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October 5th: Fish, Flight, and Flexbox

CSS House from "Up"

An adorable recreation of the floating house from Pixar's "Up", by CSS whimsy master Jhey Tompkins.

Responsive and Accessible Comic Page

"Fully responsive. Switching to mobile sizes will stack the comic vertically. Screen reader accessible with descriptive alt text of each panel. CC Mode that will provide the reader with a large copy of the text they can read in a sans-serif font." From Sarah Frisk.

Weird Fishes

Scroll your way through a beautiful "GSAP ScrollTrigger experiment" inspired by Radiohead, from Michelle Barker.

#CodePenChallenge: 100 Horizontal Rules

We completed the So! Much! HTML! Challenge with a whole lot of hrs. Check out the Pens from the Challenge, including Evan Sheehan's "One Hundred Rules".

Pantone Color Chips

"Click on the Pantone color chip to toggle between the Pantone color name and the hex value. Drag the color chips to move around! This Pen is also fully responsive." From Jackie Zen.

CodePen Radio #286: New Homepage

Marie and Chris talk about the recent changes to your homepage on CodePen – the one you see when you’re logged in and looking for inspiration. What’s new with the Trending, Following, and Your Work tabs?

Single Div CSS Hot Sauce

Lynn Fisher comes in hot for divtober with a single-div bottle of chile jalapeño. Check out the CSS comments for a link to all of the divtober prompts!

Unsubscribe Buttons

From the "don't do this in prod" files: Cooper Goeke shares a heartbreaking unsubscribe confirmation concept.

Koi Fish

Alvaro Montoro translates a striking embroidery design from Urban Threads into HTML and CSS. "Koi in Japan are a symbol of luck, prosperity, and good fortune."

Project: CSS Grid + Flexbox

"Practicing CSS grid and flexbox. Used a page from the book 'Page Design: New Layout & Editorial Design' by Promopress that reference the work of Linus Lohoff." From nabilkaz.

Envelope Open Animation with Hearts

Josh Nichols sends a love letter to CSS animation in this adorable envelope.


Saranya Mohan collaborates with designer Sandhya Subramanian to create this sweet music-loving husky!

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