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April 17th: Blobs, Blending, and the Beast


"Drag, swipe, click, move, do whatever you want with those blobs. They won't hurt you :)" in Louis Hoebregts' vibrant Pen.

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Gravity of Love

Johan Karlsson celebrates 400 CodePen followers with a whole lot of hearts! Click anywhere to set a point that draws the hearts in.

CodePen is going HTTPS

Starting on June 1, 2017, all of CodePen will be served over HTTPS. Here’s everything you need to know about the change and how to get your content ready for it.

Pure CSS Crossword - CSS Grid

Adrian Roworth makes classic use of the CSS grid layout system with this working crossword puzzle. It even checks your answers!

Enchanted Rose

Marjo Sobrecaray's CSS animation tells a tale as old as time...

CodePen Radio: Building Projects with React

In the latest episode of CodePen Radio, Marie, Rachel, and Tim H. go founder-free to talk about using React, Redux, and Immutable.js to build Projects.

Background Blend Mode

Experiment with background-blend-mode, some European flags, and lovely photos from Unsplash in Glen Maddern's interactive Pen

U.S.S Enterprise CSS Animation

Chris Simmons goes boldly into CSS animation with this faithful recreation of the iconic Star Trek ship.

"Subway Advertising" by Paul Rand, 1947

Alex Bergin recreates iconic logo designer Paul Rand's vintage poster with Sass.

Create Element Transitions with Vue.js

Christopher Murphy show us how to nicely handle an element transition in Vue. As in, click, fade out, replace, fade in. That can be a tricky dance, especially when combining CSS and JavaScript, but Vue handles it very elegantly.