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June 29th: Cats, Chai, and Cacti

CSS Trapper Keeper Effect

Lynn Fisher recreates the iconic Trapper Keeper look with a containing div around an image.

Getting Started with Test Automation

Software testing is often the bottleneck, caused by slow authoring of unstable tests. Get the guide on test automation best practices.

The 4 Rocks from the Sun

"The 4 closest planets to the Sun. Sizes are approx to scale. Rotation speeds are not to scale for obvious reasons as Mercury and Venus take approx 58 and 242 Earth days to rotate. However rotation directions are correct." From Alan Hood.

#CodePenChallenge: Scrolling

We scrolled through the last week of the July GreenSock challenge! Check out the Pens from the challenge, including Shunya's whimsical scroll down to the bottom the sea.

3D Polaroid World

ilithya builds a world with walls like Polaroid pictures with Three.js. "I was inspired by a real 3D polaroid exhibition I saw in my city, and by the virtual gallery from CODAME where some of my shaders are being displayed".


Aaron Iker crafts a bookmark icon with a subtle flutter on click.

CodePen Radio #274: Golang

Alex joins Marie to talk about how CodePen is using the programming language Go. What is Go? Why does Alex call Go a non-magical language? And what improvements have we made by using Go?

Get great visual feedback & bug reports, even from non-technical folk

Visual website feedback from BugHerd means you spend less time pinpointing bugs & issues on a page. Clients & users simply click an element to provide feedback with auto screenshots & metadata pinned to the task. It’s like sticky-notes on a website.

Turbo Kitty

Jhey built this adorable rocket cat during a Twitch stream! "From iPad to animated in a couple of hours with some stream chat thrown in there too."

Styled Color Input

Lee Martin transforms an HTML `color` input into a Pantone swatch with CSS.

Lil' Me

Cassie Evans' SVG avatar follows the cursor around the page with a smile (and a little easter egg on blur).

Chai N Samosa

RustyCodersk pays tribute to one of the world's greatest snack combos with CSS.

Animated Cards

The VVaFFle shares a time lapse video of how this set of animated cards were created with React and SCSS.

CSS Plants

Poulami Chakraborty grows a lovely shelf garden of cacti with CSS!

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