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June 8th: Galleries, Grids, and GSAP

Etch A Sketch

Gemma Stiles recreates the classic toy in the browser, complete with a little "shake" action when you clear the image.

Start Season 1 & Get New Episode Alerts

Tune in to learn about the future of Cassandra on Kubernetes, cloud-native DBaaS built on Cassandra + more. Start streaming today!

3D First Person Art Gallery

The art gallery Ben Evans created to house his jaw-dropping CSS paintings is a work of art itself! You can browse around the room like you're in a real art gallery.

CSS Grid: Newspaper Layout

Oliva Le demonstrates CSS grid chops and enviable headline writing skills in this newspaper-style portfolio of Pens. Click on a photo or headline to check out a Pen!

#CodePenChallenge: GSAP Sequencing

For week one of June's #CodePenChallenge, we challenged you to work with sequencing and the results were amazing! Check out the Pens from the challenge, including "Taika Cruising through La Gran Sabana" by Cristobal Schlaubitz Garcia.

CodePen Radio #271: Sending Email

Dee and Marie are on to talk about updates to the tech we use to send email from CodePen.

Apple IIe 3D

Marian Ban illustrates this vintage computer in beautiful detail. You can almost hear that disk drive whirring!

Minecraft Dungeons Inspired Loading Cube

"Minecraft Dungeons is out and one of the things I noticed and loved was the loading cube with the different block textures and I thought... Why not recreate it in HTML and CSS?!?" from Mario Duarte.

Context Menu with Feather Icons

Håvard Brynjulfsen translates a Dribbble shot by Jakub Antalik to HTML and CSS, with a little help from the open-source icon library Feather.


Toshiya Marukubo's hypnotic JavaScript flower reacts to your clicks and scroll. Pop this one into your favorite CodePen TV Collection!

Houdini-Animated 1 Element Spinners

Ana Tudor shares a fleet of single-element spinners. "They're all different, no two of them identical - can you spot the differences between similar ones? Can you figure out how they were made before checking the code?"

Kiki and Jiji CSS Only

Florencia crafts a pixelated portrait of Kiki and Jiji from the movie "Kiki's Delivery Service".

Hex Arcs in Relief

"Hexagon based patterns, filled with increasing lightness from side to center, giving an impression of relief. Click for new pattern" from Dillo.

Black Illustrations

Black illustrations is a series of digital designs of black people for your next online project. Use our designs anywhere. From your websites, web applications to mobile apps, we’ve built these designs to be used anywhere and everywhere.