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June 1st: Radios, Rings, and Radiance

Paper Plane Button

The send button in Aaron Iker's Pen folds itself up and flies away with a little help from Greensock.

7 Common Cloud Adoption Mistakes

The 7 Common Cloud Adoption Mistakes eBook details the missteps businesses make that can keep their cloud efforts grounded.

Moonlight Desert

Oscar Salazar paints a tranquil scene with CSS and JS. Watch for the shooting star!

#CodePenChallenge: Vue Transitions

We wrapped up the final week of the May challenge with Vue transitions. Check out the Pens from week four, including morooka's slick "Shopping UI".

One Div iPad PRO - Responsive

Annie created this illustration of an iPad as gradient practice on day 44 of a personal #100DaysofCode challenge.

Dynamically Generated CDN Content

Team CodePen is dipping our toes into the pool of dynamically generating content using Cloudflare Workers. Alex and Marie are on to talk about what that means, and how we’re using it to improve CodePen.

Multi-Player Interaction

Niels Voogt translates a Dribbble shot by Mauricio Bucardo to code in this playful Pen.

Xylophone with Sounds

You can play Gary Byrne's xylophone with your keyboard or with clicks. Built with Pug, JavaScript, and perfect xylophone sound effects!

Illumina - Pure JavaScript

Toshiya Marukubo fills the browser with iridescent light in this luminous Pen. Watch what happens when you scroll!

Jetpack Instant Search for WordPress

Flip a switch and get an incredible search experience on any self-hosted WordPress site. Searches are done in the elasticsearch cloud, you'll incur no server load. The results are fantastic by default, and improve as they are informed by your sites own traffic.

Folding Ticket Detail

Yugam crafts a digital airline ticket with charmingly analog details like perforations in the ticket sections.

Pure CSS 3D Octagonal Rings

Ana Tudor harnesses the power of Pug and CSS mathematics to create these mesmerizing nesting octagons.

Crossing Walls

Multicolor circles squeeze their way through a honeycomb in this fun Pen from Dillo that's bubbling with life.

Literal Radio Buttons

Ever wonder why they're called "radio buttons"? On old-fashioned radios only one button could be pushed in at a time. If you pushed another, the first one would pop back out. Jon Kantner illustrates it here with a realistic retro radio button style.