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May 11th: Shells, Structure, and Sass

Animal Crossing: Isabelle's Day Off

Tee Diang gives Isabelle a much-deserved day off! "I wanted to challenge myself by creating artwork inspired by the game! This was a fun way to practice isomorphic art with CSS. Enjoy and stay well friends."

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Rube Goldberg Machine

Paul Hebert shares an elaborate way to roll a ball with this clever machine built with SVG and CSS animation.

Day Clock

"Do you sometimes get lost in what day it is today? This Day Clock shows the progress of the current day and for the week." Built with Vue.js by Kunuk Nykjær.

Structural Pseudocats

"A gentle introduction to CSS structural pseudoclasses with the generous help of some structural pseudocats" from wendko. now has SFTP and Database Access

In the past, needing to edit the files in themes may have been a reason not to choose to put your site on No more. If you're on the Business or eCommerce plans, you have direct access to your site's database (via phpMyAdmin) and files (via SFTP). You can also install plugins, giving you as much control over your WordPress site as you'd likely ever need.


Adam Kuhn crafts a beautiful animated thank you card for 2000 followers with SCSS.

CodePen Radio #267: PRO Assets Update

We’re shipping some big changes to the PRO asset experience! Marie, Dee, and Stephen are on to give a preview of what’s coming soon to asset hosting, and the tech behind the new features.

Scallop Shells

Dillo generates a random scattering of pretty scallop shells with JavaScript. Click the preview or resize the Pen to generate a new pattern.

Sassy 404 UI Study

Justin Juno built this sorry-not-sorry 404 to "explore CSS background images, multi-color backgrounds, skews, and cursors."

Underline Animation

Aaron Iker animates a quick, minimal transition from an underline to an arrow with SVG and SCSS.

Blood Flow

Frank Force recreates the flow of blood through a vessel in this mesmerizing Pen. Check out the Pen description for a link to a post about the Pen's origin as a "dweet".

Minecraft World Animated in Pure CSS

Hai Le perfectly recreates the pixelated look of Minecraft in this animated scene complete with a "Steve", a pig, and the iconic grass blocks.


Jon Kantner takes cat loafin' to another level with this 8-bit little buddy.