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April 27th: Link, Leaves, and Love Letters

Tron Skyline

Jordi Rué draws a striking city skyline inspired by the movie Tron in HTML and CSS. Check out Jordi's profile for step-by-step Pens breaking down the illustration process.

A NoSQL Original Series

Binge or livestream episodes with your Cassandra heroes! Topics include NoSQL, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka & more. Sign up now!

Who Can Get My Blood?

Romina Martin visualizes blood donor compatibility with Pug and JavaScript. Click a blood type to see how many others are compatible.

#CodePenChallenge: Image Hovers

For week three of the Images challenge, we played with hover effects! Check out the Pens from week three, including morooka's intriguing low-poly island.

How to Make a CSS-Only Carousel

On CSS-Tricks Robin Rendle shares an in-depth tutorial for how to create an image carousel with CSS, complete with lots of helpful embedded Pens.

An Event Apart

To design a better web experience, attend a better-designed web conference. An Event Apart is three days of design, code, and content taught by absolute masters—the people who shape our medium. Join us, and set yourself Apart.

Pure CSS Link

Louise Flanagan shares a CSS illustration of Link from the Legend of Zelda. Check out the gradient detail in the ears and hair.

3d Triforce with ThreeJS

Speaking of the Legend of Zelda... Alex Trost drew inspiration from Hyrule and crafted a Triforce.

3,000 - Tree with a Thousand Leaves

An endless cycle of trees with a range of sparse and lush blossoms fills the canvas in this beautiful Pen from Mustafa Enes.

Drawing a single-element dollar bill with CSS and JavaScript

Alvaro Montoro shares the story and process behind "making $1 on the internet" with HTML and CSS in this post that shows how much you can learn while doing something for fun.

CodePen Radio #265: Flutter

Andrew Brogdon from the Flutter team chats with Marie and Alex about the new Flutter editor on CodePen.

CSS Grid: Workout Schedule

Olivia Ng shares a responsive workout tracker concept complete with real video suggestions and emoji markers to track progress.


Sarah Fossheim shares another spectacular illustration of vintage tech, this time a classic Braun radio. Check out the detail in the speaker mesh!

Mailbox Submit

Álex S. Lérida shares a lovely newsletter signup form concept built with SVG and GSAP.