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April 13th: Dots, Donuts, and Dogs

Friendly Doughnut Toggle

Álex S. Lérida bakes up a sweet toggle switch with GSAP. Watch what happens when the donut rolls!

Scaling Feature Flags With CloudBees

Is your homegrown feature flag system struggling to keep up? Join our webinar to see the difference our flag management platform makes!

CSS in CSS with a lot of C and S

Giulia Cardieri crafts a cascade of Cs and Ss with SCSS. Phew!

CodePen Radio #263: A New Editor Vue

Chris, Stephen, and Marie talk about the new editor experience for Vue.js on CodePen.

Chat Bubble

A chat bubble smoothly morphs into a "close" X in this elegant Pen from Mikael Ainalem.

#CodePenChallenge: Heroes

For the April #CodePenChallenge, we're working with images. Check out the Pens from week one's Heroes challenge, including Jonathan Dempsey's hero image with a handy legibility tip!

Sausage Dog CSS Only Animation

Stívali Serna's SVG pup comes out to play with some CSS animation. One like = one pet for this good boy!

RIP John

John Conway, the inventor of the Game of Life, passed away last Friday. Yuanchuan pays tribute in this Pen that draws its design from the game's iconic cellular automata.

You Should Probably Learn React

It's extremely popular for a reason: React is a good fit for the fast, interactive, state-driven websites we're often asked to build as front-end developers. CodePen recommends this course by Wes Bos to upgrade your JavaScript skills.


Manan Tank's CSS study of circles and intersections results in a mindbending animation.

T-Shirt Cannon Button

Your shirt order blasts off from a t-shirt cannon in this playful button concept from Jhey, built with GSAP.

The Mysterious Garden (Pure CSS)

Tee Diang continues a series of Pokemon-themed CSS animations with a scene inspired by Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden.

Polka Dot Generator

"Polka dot patterns created with CSS Gradients! Change the size, distribution, and colors to get a cool pattern. Copy the CSS with one click for use in your own projects!" From Jordan Marshall.

Disk Wave

Rows and rows of JavaScript-generated media disks wave and spin, showing off their rainbow colors in Thibaud Goiffon's Pen.