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April 6th: Shadows, Shapes, and Spring

Blob - How To

Louis Hoebregts shows you how to go from 100 dots in a circle to a vibrant blob of noise with p5.js in this step-by-step tutorial within a Pen.

Go Slow to Go Fast Webinar w/ Microsoft

Aaron Greenwald discusses how Microsoft worked to change a fast-moving dev team that doesn't have time to test into a faster-moving dev team that does.

BBC - 13 Minutes to the Moon

Pete Barr recreates the title from the BBC's "13 Minutes to the Moon" series in SVG with some sweet clip-path effects.

Neumorphic Grid + Animation

Kyle Shook pushes the limits of neumorphism, grid, and GIFs with this trippy Pen.

Masked & Skewed

"Playing with artificial perspective and clipping-masked image and text, inspired by a vintage travel poster and a very stubborn Collie" from Jason Pamental.

CodePen Radio #262: Dee

Marie and Rach welcome Dee Vazquez back to the team! Dee talks about her journey from finance whiz to solo dev to Team CodePen's newest fullstack developer.

Box Shadow Patterns

Manan Tank shares a selection of fun patterns: "Each pattern is created using a single div, each square or circle is a shadow of a pseudo element".


The ideal way to experience WordPress. Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that provides incredibly useful features like backups, security scanning, image performance, social media integration, Markdown support, and more.

The Big Chicken

Kristopher van Sant pays tribute to Marietta, Georgia's landmark KFC restaurant with an animated CSS portrait.

Animating Complex SVGs

Alex Trost shares an in-depth tutorial on adding some animated interest to stock SVGs in this blog post complete with helpful embedded Pens.

CSS: Cat Works Remotely in Spring

Let's look in on this little gray cat, working remotely while the cherry blossoms bloom in deren2525's delightful animated Pen.

CSS Shapes Forest Collection Spring Summer 2020

Paulina Hetman crafts a forest full of one-div CSS shapes. Click the button to assemble them into a scene!

Hexagon Tiling (7 ways)

AndyMan's vivid tiles are controlled by your keyboard and mouse. Try clicking on the pattern, or press any number from 1 - 7 to switch patterns. Check out the Pen's description for all of the controls.

Emoji Pick Two

Josh Collinsworth creates an emoji version of the classic design/development checklist. "Uses Sass, emoji, vanilla JS, and a sprinkling of variable fonts transformation."