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March 23rd: Pops, Patterns, and Play

Connect Four in Vue and CSS

You can play a round of Connect Four in the browser, thanks to Josh Collinsworth! Check out the Pen description for an in-depth look at how it was built and animated.

The #1 Local WordPress Development Tool

Local by Flywheel is a fuss-free (and actually free!) local WordPress development app designed to simplify the workflow of designers and developers. We make it super simple to spin up a local WordPress site, develop it, share it with your clients, and ultimately take it to live. Stop debugging local environments and spend more time designing, developing, and launching WordPress sites with Local by Flywheel.

Paper Chase

A cheerful little roll of paper runs free in this timely animated SCSS Pen from Adam Kuhn.

Homer's face Animated /w GSAP

Homer Simpson follows your mouse and cycles through his many moods in this interactive Pen by Kasper De Bruyne, built with the Greensock Animation Platform.

#CodePenChallenge: Templating

For the third week of the JavaScript challenge, we worked with templating. Check out the Pens from week three, including Paulina Hetman's step-by-step recipe Pen, "Magic Pancakes".

Exciting Multi-line Highlights

Manan Tank shares a selection of fun hover highlights for multi-line text. Careful when you hover over that spoiler!

Live Remote React Training

Level up your team with us! It's convenient, budget-friendly, and just as interactive as an in-person workshop. Learn from React experts and the creators of React Router and Reach UI.

Jagged Chevron Pattern

Johan Karlsson continues a series of bold pattern experiments in Babel with this striking chevron.

CSS Logical Properties

Andy Bell shares a tutorial on how to "create spacing that works regardless of the direction of your content or the environment of your users" with CSS logical properties.

Kids Timetable Generator

Michelle Barker shares a time planning concept for kids. Randomly sort activities onto each day, or clear the timetable to start fresh.

Buttons Popper

These unassuming buttons all have a surprise inside! Click for a little pop of particle fun, from Louis Hoebregts.

Stay Cool w/Responsive motion-path

"Putting my solution for responsive motion path to the test. Here's a little message traveling around a popsicle" from Jh3y.

Fit Text with CSS Variables

" Fit text to the viewport with CSS variables! All you need is to know the number of characters, which a little JS can help with..." from Stephen Shaw.

Conic Gradients + CSS Masks (no FF)

Yoksel shares a mind-bending cube of conic gradients and CSS masks. Chrome only for now, until `conic-gradient` is available everywhere.