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February 3rd: Stitches, Folds, and Checks

Folded Paper Login Form

Ryan Mulligan's folded note unfolds to a stylish login form. now has SFTP and Database Access

In the past, needing to edit the files in themes may have been a reason not to choose to put your site on No more. If you're on the Business or eCommerce plans, you have direct access to your site's database (via phpMyAdmin) and files (via SFTP). You can also install plugins, giving you as much control over your WordPress site as you'd likely ever need.

CSS Grid: Cross Stitch

Olivia Ng stiches up a Pokemon pal with "Only" 1060 divs (and a little help from Pug).

Neuomorphic Checkboxes

Braydon Coyer joins the neuomorphic scene with a set of very pressable checkbox controls in shades of blue.

#CodePenChallenge: Classic Header

In the final week of the January #CodePenChallenge, the goal was to take a boring site header and make it better. Check out the Pens from week four, including Paulina Hetman's gorgeous "Play with Header on Page Transitions".

CSS Paint; Image Masking: Dancer

"Using CSS Paint as a background, an image is masked with a circle pattern, over the same image as a background, giving it an energetic moving effect!" from Rumyra.

CodePen Radio #253: Copy

Klare and Marie are talking copy — marketing copy, documentation copy, micro-copy, and all the other kinds of copy that you might have on an app like CodePen.

Night & Day

Steve Gardner shares a lovely day and night toggle with a very satisfying transition.

Anatomy of a Border: a Saul Bass Demo

Christopher Kennedy looks to Saul Bellow for inspiration during a personal site redesign. "The edges of the boxes had a wonderfully geometric yet 'broken' quality that I wanted to see if I could emulate with CSS clipping paths".


You ever see one of those long dogs and think, "I bet that dog could be longer?" Scroll right on this Pen by Deren to explore those possibilities.

Reply All CSS Art

Luke Lincoln pays tribute to the people behind the Reply All podcast with a pure CSS portrait.

Folding Select Dropdowns

Jon Kantner's dropdown menus have roll out with a fun, paper-like folding effect.

Cherry Blossoms

kowalski k answers Daniel Shiffman's "Simple Particle System" challenge with a flurry of cherry blossom petals. Made with P5.js.

Smashing Conf SF 2020

Let’s rock’n’roll! For SmashingConf SF 2020, April 21–22, we’re bringing back two full days packed with front-end, UX and all that jazz! Live sessions on performance, accessibility, interface design, copywriting, designing for emotion, debugging and fancy CSS/JS techniques — and a few surprises along the way.