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January 6th: Emotion, Experiments, and Effects

The Most Hearted Pens of 2019

It's that time of year again! Take a look back at the incredible Pens that captured the most hearts in 2019.

Zero-stress Cassandra

DataStax Luna support plans give open source Cassandra mission-critical reliability. Get direct, 24x7 access to the experts.

RTL Styling 101

Ahmad Shadeed shares a ton of valuable insight on how to style right-to-left text in this comprehensive guide with lots of helpful embedded Pens.

"Watercolor" Effect in WebGL

Click inside the frame in Robin Delaporte's Pen to watch it fill in the image with a "watercolor" style.

100 Years

Ryan Mulligan takes you on a dizzying time warp with "some experimental CSS trickery to animate from 1920 to 2020".

5 Things in Web Development I Learned This Year

Cyd Stumpel shares a journey of front-end discovery in 2019 with mix-blend-mode, line clamping, CSS variables, text strokes, and clip paths.

3D Textbox

Jouan Marcel's trippy text input was created for the cover art for an article on more practical text fields. Check out the Pen description for the link to the article!

Neumorphic Design

Rubber buttons are back, baby! Chris Weissenberger recreates part of a Dribbble shot by Alexander Plyuto in this highly-clickable Pen.

My 2019 on CodePen

Johan Karlsson catalogs an amazing year of creativity and experimentation with hearts, Delaunay triangulation, SVG, and #10Print in a Post full of beautiful embedded Pens.

CSS Emoting Eyes - An Exploration

In this "exploration of emotion conveyed minimally", Zed Dash shows an array of emotions with the tiniest changes to a pair of eyes.

Layout Experiments - Blue Note 1542 - Rollins

Darrell Wilson makes clever use of writing-mode to recreate a classic jazz album cover with CSS grid.

The #1 local WordPress development tool

Local by Flywheel is a fuss-free (and actually free!) local WordPress development app designed to simplify the workflow of designers and developers. We make it super simple to spin up a local WordPress site, develop it, share it with your clients, and ultimately take it to live. Stop debugging local environments and spend more time designing, developing, and launching WordPress sites with Local by Flywheel.

Life Unfolding in Form, Shape and Colors

"Move mouse to let the form evolve. Click New to start from a new form." A beautiful exploration of generative "life" from Sten Hougaard.

Article Deck

Charlotte Dann uses CSS custom properties to create a minimal card layout for articles.