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March 20th: Planets, Paintings, and Pizzicato.js

Some Recent Code Walkthroughs Using CodePen on YouTube

It's been very cool to see so many different folks using CodePen on their YouTube channel to explain code. We've rounded up several of them in this blog post.

​New Bootstrap Website Builder for 2017

Create awesome Bootstrap websites. No coding and free. 400+ pre-made blocks.

Reactive Timeframe Concept

David Khourshid has been telling the world how connecting UI and events through reactive observables is awesome. This is another example of how to build things in that way.

Some of the Best Music Pens on CodePen

It's hard to pick favorites, but we did our best to pick some of the most fascinating, powerful, and imaginative Pens that utilize the Web Audio API.

A Space Odyssey

Mustafa Enes' beautiful collection gathers planets, solar systems, and other celestial bodies from all over the CodePen galaxy!

CSS Grid Layout + Mondrian = <3

Toaster's "tribute to CSSGrid" generates a Mondrian-inspired piece of of art for you at the click of a button.

Start Using Web Audio with Pizzicato.js

Greg Hovanesyan's post gets you started with a cool library designed to make it easier to work with the Web Audio API.

Heart Shape Construction (SVG + GSAP)

Matt Rothenberg's been making some cool Pens that explore how shapes are made. Check out his animated heart.

The Son of Man

Christina Gorton challenged herself to make a CSS painting a week, kicking it off with a rendering of Rene Magritte's "The Son of Man"

Custom Profile CSS

Did you know you can customize your CodePen profile page with CSS? Have a peek at Chazona Baum's delightful and bright custom profile page for inspiration, and tinker around with your own in your Customize settings.

CodePen Radio #121: Refactoring

On the latest episode of CodePen Radio: Chris, Jake, and Dee get together to talk about the process of refactoring the code for our payments system.

#dailycssimages :: 44 Robot

The #dailycssimages challenge keeps bringing the good stuff! Alina's robot doesn't seem to be quite as psyched about it as we are, though ;)