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November 25th: Twists, Trucks, and Trails


The CodePen community could not resist the angular charm of the Cybertruck. Check out a Collection of Cybertrucks, including Lynn Fisher's stunningly detailed single-div version!

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Curvy Koi Fish

A koi fish loops around a blue pond in Janet Mendez' animated response to the #Codevember "Curve" prompt.

Variable Font Fun (CSS Animation Version)

"Everybody's doing it! (Having fun with variables fonts that is.)" Tyler Durrett takes variable fonts for a spin with a little bit of rainbow glow.


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#CodePenChallenge: The Game of Life

For the third week of the Board Games challenge, we played The Game of Life! Check out the Pen's from week three, including Morgan Peck's modernized Game of Life career cards.

Standard-Agnostic Clock

Ever wondered why standards are important? Play around with the parameters in Siddhant Khare's clock and try to figure out what time it is!

CodePen Radio #245: Stuff

Chris and Marie are on to talk about a lot of stuff — literal stuff, like swag and our branded merch, and tough stuff, like making the decision to wind down meetups.

How to Overlap Images in CSS

Bri Camp Gomez takes you through the dos and don't of overlapping images with CSS in this tutorial post with lots of helpful embedded Pens.

Breathing Digits

Bubbly numbers expand and contract in this variable fonts demonstration from Daniel Givens.

Dual Triangle Preloaders

You can do a lot with just two triangles! Jon Kantner shares an assortment of preloader animations made from pairs of triangles.

Plane Trails

Planes spread rainbow trails across a sky grid in this lovely Pen from animation designer Chris Gannon.

Button - Hold to confirm

"Trying another button type where an extra confirmation is needed - for example if you publish or delete something. You will need to press the button for nearly 2 seconds to success". From Aaron Iker.

Twist Experiments #29

Multi-colored laddered grids twist and repeat in Paul J Karlik's mesmerizing GLSL fragment shader demo.