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November 18th: Hats, Houses, and HTML

Langour 5

WebGL magician Liam Egan takes us on a journey into texture with film noir vibes in this hypnotic Pen.

Feature Toggle Management Made Simple

Rollout Features With Confidence, Continuously. Why Wait For a New Build? Flip a Toggle. Manage, Deploy & Measure Features at Scale.

Featured GSAP 3 Pens

It's a GSAP 3 party! The Greensock team gathers up a great Collection of Pens that show off the fun of the new features.

CSS Elements with HTML Attributes

Tejas Kumar models an impressive array of hats while demonstrating how to access HTML attribute values with CSS. Multitasking!

CodePen Radio #244: Kristopher Van Sant

CodePen community member Kristopher Van Sant is on to talk about her #PassThePen group and Collab Mode Extravaganzas on Twitch.


You can deploy a website on Netlify with a single click. Try out a Gatsby, Hugo, or 11ty site by clicking a single "Deploy to Netlify" button and go from there!

3D Button

A nice chunky button with satisfying hover and click effects from Katherine Kato.

Underline Styling Collection

"For decades, CSS had no proper way to style underlines. Now, we do. These Pens demo and test out the new CSS properties, exploring what's possible and checking for interoperability between browsers." From Jen Simmons.

The Long Story Behind a Tweet Component

Gabriele Corti takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a reusable component to share a quote or tweet with React and an SVG icon.

State Styles of Card Component with Accessibility in Mind

On Medium, Nana Jeon shares a UI case study for the state styles on a card component, complete with a CodePen demo!

#CodePenChallenge: Candyland

For week two of the Board Games Challenge, we played Candyland! Check out the Pens from the challenge, including Travis Horn's "Candy Shopping".

Let’s Get Graphic: A Few Ways To Draw On The Web

On the Stack Overflow blog, Max Pekarsky takes you through options for drawing on the web, ranging from drawing straight into the DOM to Unity. Check out the embedded Pens for interactive examples.

Quiet Village

Adam Kuhn shares a pleasant generative CSS village. But, if you take a peek at the code, you might be inclined to call it a Haml-et ;)


James Sylvanus shares a mind-bending kaleidoscope of cats-eye shapes in a trippy WebGL Pen.