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November 5th: Time, Tumbleweeds, and Text

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner

Chris Ota crafts a beautifully detailed Rolex watch replica in the browser. It even tells time!

404 Error Page with Tumbleweed Game

"A 404 error page featuring a scene of nowhere. Click on the tumbleweed, and it becomes a game of keeping it in the air!" from Jon Kantner.

Rotated Nav Animation

Florin Pop adds a little twist to the traditional hamburger menu... or maybe it's a turn? Click the menu to watch the animated page rotation and reveal the menu.

#CodePenChallenge: Fast and Slow

We wrapped up October's Opposites challenge with Fast & Slow. Check out the Pens from week four of the challenge, including Gabriele Corti's "In the Midst of Nowhere...".

Noisy Moire

A bit of moire canvas from Pogany. Pop open the dat.gui controls to play with the `rot` and `ampl` values to create a new pattern.

Multi-line Spanning Animated Underline

Sometimes the simplest-looking things can be tricky to implement! Check out the CSS panel for the clever styling Cassie Evans used to create this underlined phrase.

Web Design - Hover, I dare you! - CSS Only

Ben Evans takes a literal approach to "web design" in this spidery Pen. Hover or tap on the web to lure out the webmaster.

A Landscape

CSS artist K-T takes you on a journey through an endlessly-scrolling landscape in this lovely moonlit Pen.

Automate Droplet Actions

An SVG and CSS illustration of the automated Droplet action, as designed by Masami Kubo, from team DigitalOcean.

Location Map

Team DigitalOcean's animated map of CDN locations around the globe, illustrated by Masami Kubo.

Droplet Animation

A Greensock TweenMax animation of a DigitalOcean Droplet, as designed by Masami Kubo.

Follow the Lines

Moving lines in shades of blue and green, animated with GSAP. Designed by Kevin Yang.