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September 30th: Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives


Yuanchuan adds a beautiful new Pen to a Collection inspired by CSS properties. Check out the Collection description for a link to the Twitter thread that started it all!

Feature Flag Management Made Simple

Easily manage and deploy features across different users or segments to get instant feedback on how customers are using it in production.

Zero Divs! Pure CSS Pixel Art Animation!

Take a hike through a valley with a pixelated person! Ben Evans is back with a new Pen that tests the boundaries of what's possible with CSS.

Variable Font Resize on Device Orientation

Mandy Michael's variable font demo changes the font weight depending on the gamma orientation of the device you view it on. Check it out on your phone for maximum Jello-style.

#CodePenChallenge: Arrows Only

For the final week of the September "Limitations" challenge, we only gave you arrows! Check out the Pens from the arrows challenge, including CodeMeNatalie's striking arrow pattern.

Animated Verbs III

Ryan Mulligan wraps up a series of cleverly-animated verbs with 6 new words. Scroll through to see "hiding", "retreating", "breaking", "swaying", "blinking", and "tumbling" come to life.

CodePen Radio #239: Our Current Stack

Rachel and Chris go on a tour through tech town to talk about CodePen's current stack and how it has changed and morphed over the years.

CSS 3D Text Effect

It's a big yikes from Kyle Wetton in this eye-catching demo of what you can do with a whole lotta text-shadow and a little bit of keyframe animation.

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The Perfect Responsive Menu

Polyplane shares a tutorial on how to create the ubiquitous hamburger menu using vanilla CSS and PostCSS, complete with helpful embedded Pens.

Fancy Exploding Button

Press the button in Takane Ichinose's Pen and watch the confetti pop out! Built with VueJS and Greensock.

This or That (w/ dogs)

Florin Pop asks you to make the toughest decision of your day in this dog rating app that's also a great demonstration of how to use Firebase to run a leaderboard.

SVG Turbulence Animation

A gorgeous exercise of "toying with gradient combinations while animating SVG turbulence" from Adam Kuhn, inspired by an equally dreamy Pen by enxaneta (linked in the description).

Fluid Text Hover

Robin Delaporte creates a WebGL text effect using OGL. Hover over the word to stretch and smear its rainbow filling.