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August 12th: Toys, Type, and Transitions

Bee Right Back

Gabriele Corti's delightful animated SVG loader is just bee-utiful.

The Secure File Uploader for Developers

Filestack's powerful APIs allow you to securely upload, transform and deliver any file into your application. Start for free today!

Loops on Hexagons

"A new variation on connecting points between hexagons sides. See parameters and switches at the beginning of JS" from Dillo. Click or resize the page for a new psychedelic loop.

ThreeJS Texture Transition Hover Effect 2

TheFrost demonstrates how to create a striking face-morph effect like the one on Coulee Creative's site with ThreeJS.

Get A Free .design Domain Name Today!

.design reflects what you do as a designer. Your name comes with free email hosting, SSL Security, & a Site Builder trial. Challenge #34: Weird String Case (in JS)

Alvaro Montoro took a daily challenge as an opportunity to create a Mocking Spongebob meme generator. Type in your text and watch the case get weird.

Find The Rainbow

"Made a little game with some CSS and plain JavaScript. Game is fully responsive via CSS Grid + Flexbox. You can play as many times as you'd like because the rainbow it's always hidden in a different place" — from ilithya.

CodePen Radio #233: Export 2

Stephen, Chris, and Marie are here to talk about the new export with build process! We get into how it was built, its limitations, and some improvements we made to our admin systems along the way.

The Temple

Take a tour through an endless corridor of columns in this mysterious work of WebGL art from Liam Egan.


Got some free time? Check out Creme's JavaScript recreation of the classic Windows game Minesweeper.

#CodePenChallenge: Cards

The August CodePen Challenge theme is "Fork This"! For the first week, you took a basic card UI and made it pop. Check out the Pens from week one of the challenge, including Carlita Centeno's "antsy" design.

The Boy and his Drone (CSS Drawing/Animation)

"Just a boy and his drone. Pure CSS drawing and animation!" from Tucker Massad.

Toy Cat

A clockwork cat takes a sip of milk in this pleasing CSS animation from thewizardjs.

Procedurally Generated CSS Numbers

Type in a number and watch it emerge from a sea of cubes in this Pen from Adam Kuhn. Built with "jQuery + CSS Vars to create generative numbers, and Sarah Drasner's CSS grid generator for cell drawing".