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July 29th: Sparklers, Superheroes, and Simulations

Single Element Rainbow Pen Loader

Dario Corsi recreates Polina Bright's popular rainbow pen in a Pen! Check out the description and well-commented code for insight into how it was made.

Best in class video infrastructure in one API request

Add scalable live and on-demand video to any app, using any web framework. Mux Video uses machine learning to host, encode, and deliver video more efficiently and at higher quality.

How to Re-colour a Ring in Real Time Using CSS Blend Mode

Sean Toru took on the challenge of changing a photo of a white gold ring to yellow and rose gold with CSS, and explains how it all worked in this Medium post with an embedded Pen demo.

Only CSS: 3D Fog

A pure-CSS fog drifts across a dark moon in this slightly ominous Pen from Yusuke Nakaya.


Jetpack brings a whole range of features to your self-hosted WordPress site. From realtime backups that keep your site safe (and make it easy to move!) to improved search results. From related posts to social media integration - it's a no-brainer plugin for people serious about making their sites better.

Play Hard

Remember Chris Gannon's "Hard Work" from Spark 136? Here's its playful flip side, built with Greensock's TweenMax, CustomEase, and MorphSVG.

Pure CSS Cute Cup

Lilya Zilyukina translates Parham Marandi's Dribbble shot to CSS in this adorable Pen.

Never-ending CSS Sparkler

"An almost pure CSS never-ending sparkler, onlly uses JavaScript to update the sparkler position on pointermove/pointerdown. Everything else is powered by inline CSS variables!" from Jh3y.

Koi Pond - Flocking Simulation

unicar draws inspiration from Fan Guo to create a peaceful koi pond with p5.js. Open the dat.gui menu to control the action in the pond!

Day 13/14: Super!

dustybutton celebrates day 13 of a personal coding challenge with a super animated avatar.

Bigger Than Before

Team CodePen's Cassidy Williams recreates the stunning end result of THAT viral video with CSS in this increasingly large Pen.

#CodePenChallenge: Coder's Choice

For the final week of the July API challenge, we left the API choice up to you! Check out the Pens from week four, including demaine's game "Wait to Claim". Many thanks to this month's sponsor,!

CodePen Radio #231: Social

The only constant on social media is change. Marie and Cassidy chat about how CodePen has used social media to communicate with our community over the years, and how its changed over time.


Cool down with this delightful slice of CSS animation from creme.