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July 22nd: Plasma, Puzzles, and Pagination

Emoji Match Game

Test your emoji recognition skills in this super-fun JavaScript match game from Tom Miller.

Map Out Your Career Path

Want to become a software engineer, launch a start-up, or take the next step in your career? Get your customized path to success.

Train Puzzle

A challenging mini-game from Johan Tirholm: "Click on the rail tiles to swap tiles to create a path from the start (tunnel) to the end (arrow shaped tile). When the train enters a new tile that tile is no longer movable."

Generative Mouse Art

Drag your mouse across the canvas to generate colorful discs in this Pen built with p5.js by ilithya.

CodePen Radio #230: Apollo

What is Apollo and how does CodePen use it? Cassidy just returned from Apollo Day and is here to help educate us all about Apollo and how/why CodePen chose to use it.


Collect and pin visual feedback and bugs directly to a page. BugHerd is like using sticky-notes on a website. Try free today.

#CodePenChallenge: Fantasy

For week three of the API challenge, we experimented with APIs set in fantasy worlds. Check out the Pens from the fantasy prompt, including brezo's "Pokedex API". Thanks to our sponsor,!

Peapods Logo Interactivity

"I came across the Pea Pods logo the other day and couldn't help myself bringing these little guys to life". An adorable crop of veggies from Mariusz Dabrowski.

Turret Shooting Game

Don't let the zombies eat your turret's brain! Defend yourself from monsters in this React game from Takane Ichinose.

50th Anniversary of Moon Landing

Malaika Ishtiaq commemorates the anniversary of the moon landing with a lovely CSS illustration.


A molten-hot work of WebGL magic from Liam Egan.

Behind the Pen: Google Pagination

Gabriele Corti replicated Google's famous Gooooooogle pagination and wrote a detailed tutorial Post explaining all the steps in the process.

Input Racetrack

From the "Probably Don't Do This In Production" files, Jarrod Thibodeau uses "the wonderful tools of splitting.js and GSAP to turn a text input and its label into a race track."

Walking Sprites Demo

Drew Conley demonstrates how the CSS spritesheet animations are implemented in his game, The Danger Crew. Check out the code comments for great insight into how it all works.