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July 1st: Galaxies, Games, and Glory

Quest For Glory II Disks

James Holmes pays tribute to "the classic designs of the 80's and 90's Sierra On-Line adventure game releases" with this nostalgic CSS illustration.

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3D Drag Out Menu with Guitar

Jamie Coulter brings a stunning design from Minh Pham's Dribbble shot to the front-end in this jaw-dropping Pen.

[threejs_postprocessing] Galaxy

masuwa's gorgeous Pen gives us a glimpse of a mysterious galaxy.

Codeland Conference -- July 22 in NYC

Codeland conference is a celebration of the wonderful things we can do with code. It's designed for programmers and people learning to code. Ticket includes access to talks, workshops, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a ticket to the afterparty. Use promocode CodePenCodeland2019 for 20% off.

Grid Experiment No. 8

Jules Forrest recreates the type specimen for Augustea, a typeface by Aldo Novarese in this striking example of the layout possibilities of CSS Grid.

#CodePenChallenge: Dessert

The final week of the June 2019 Food Fight Challenge was sweet! Check out the Pens from the "Dessert" prompt, including Diogo Goncalves' "Donut Glasses".

Moonlight Strummin'

Just the happiest moon you ever did see, strummin' through the trees w/ GSAP + Draggable & velocity detection. From Adam Kuhn.

CodePen Radio #227: Tidying Up

It's time to clean all the things! Cassidy and Marie talk about how CodePen is cleaning up code, internal docs, and external docs. How does your team do spring cleaning?

The Cat God

Chen Xin animates Wang KongKong's gorgeous Dribbble shot of a traditional Chinese theatrical mask in this purrrfectly lovely Pen.

Space Shooter Game

This fully-playable and fully-fun Space Invaders kind of game is a "first attempt at some basic game development in JavaScript" from Andrew Rubin.

React Text Highlighter

"A simple text highlighter implemented using React. In this pen I tried to focus on simplicity and performance, so I avoided solutions that involved manual manipulation of the DOM outside of React" from Yoav Kadosh.

Skewed Stretchy Menu

"A playful stretchy skewed menu, built by clipping paths and SVG pairs of icons to select clothing categories" from Mikael Ainalem.

Scene.js Panda Eating Bamboo Animation

Daybrush demonstrates the possibilities of their Scene.js library with this adorable bamboo-munching panda animation.