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February 27th: Paper, Painting, Parallax, and Polygons

Interactive Solar System

Nikita Skargovskii built a mini solar system (the sun and planets are built from triangles!) in Three.js, so you can move the "camera" around to explore it, as well as click on things to interact.

Jorge C. S. Cardoso's Posts

Jorge has been writing long, immersive tutorial posts using practical UI interactions as the demo. Things like CSS Transitions and Animations, jQuery Basics, and jQuery Mobile. Then there are exercises that accompany the lessons. Worth looking at for all y'all teachers out there!

Ana Tudor on YouTube

Perhaps you've gotten to see Ana do one of her famous Professor Mode sessions where she live codes a demo for anyone to watch. Now, on YouTube, you can hear her explain what she's doing as she's doing it, which is extremely compelling.

Parallax Emoji 🙂

Uh oh. Have we reached the uncanny valley of emojis? Ryan Mulligan uses parallax.js to find out.

3D Paper Fold Effect

Mandy Michael with some CSS trickery involving pseudo elements, transforms, shadows, and clip-path to build a very cool text effect. Try changing the word!

Polygon Animations

Dennis Gaebel's collection of Polygon-based code art. The one pictured above is Sarah Drasner's latest world-exploding art. While all of these 168 Pens use polygon animation, the variety is stunning.

Gerard Ferrandez

If you're into 3D art, Gerard is a must-follow. His work is firmly weird and wonderful. Pictured above are just a few of his popular Pens, but make sure to browse his latest work as well as he's had a few great new ones just this past week!

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Lazy Loading Logos

If you're going to lazy load an image, and that image happens to be SVG, the placeholder doesn't have to be a transparent pixel, Bram de Haan says it can be styled text. Check out the custom CSS on the post, too!

CodePen Radio #118: Email 2

On the latest episode, Chris, Marie, and Tim H get into the tech details on how we make The Spark into an email newsletter.

CSS Sunrise

Brett Mitchell's sunrise is beautiful to look at, and then it dawns on you that it's vanilla CSS!

#dailycssimages :: 30 Bar Graph

The #dailycssimages challenge is still rocking! We loved seeing this week's creations, including Alina's pastel bar graph.