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April 1st: Triangles, Tea, and TweenMax

Pure CSS Single Div Up House!

"Pure CSS + Single Div + Pixar = MAGIC". A playful take on the iconic Up house by Patricia Masigla.

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Spoids with Bob Main's "Petri Dish" + EvolveJS

Matthew Main shares a fascinating demo of his EvolveJS library, which "enables any self-replicating JavaScript object instance to produce child instances whose quantifiable variables are treated as genes. Sequential replication iterations are subject to the laws of genetic inheritance, gene mutation, and, if environmental pressures are applied, in time, evolution."

#CodePenChallenge: Stellar Scientists

The CodePen community honored their favorite scientists in the final week of March's tributes challenge. Check out the collection of Pens from the challenge, including RebelJess' animated homage to Jane Goodall.

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Take a stroll through some stunningly realistic grass, created with Three.js by al-ro.

CodePen Radio #215: Podcasting 2

Our podcast engineer, Chris Enns, chats with Marie about what's changed in podcasting over the last year, how CodePen evalutes the success of their podcast, and offer up some podcast suggestions for listeners.


Alex Goff pays tribute to the late great Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity in this beautifully illustrated Pen.

SVG Flower Generator

An SVG garden grows in this Pen from Kevin Levron. Click the screen and a random flower will bloom where you planted it!

16bit Snake Game

"Everytime you fail it's faster." an addictive, and slightly maddening, rendition of the classic game Snake, from Betkowski.

SVG <pattern> jigsaw puzzle gallery experiment

"I was curious if I could create a jigsaw puzzle animation by placing the images in a SVG pattern and applying the pattern to a group of paths. This is the result. Also used the new advanced stagger from GreenSock's TweenMax." from Craig Roblewsky.

The Designer, The Coworker, and The Teacup

A story about how to effectively critique a design, told with a cup of tea by Brent Miller.

Cubes Galaxy

If planets were cubes, how do you think they would spin? S├ębastien Menard shows us one possibility in this spacey Pen.

Conjoined Triangles of Success

Adam Romig brings the triangles of success from HBO's Silicon Valley to CodePen with a bit of clever CSS.