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March 25th: Comics, Cubes, and Characters

Comic Book UI

Gabriele Corti shares a bit of Spider-Man inspired UI, complete with half-tone backgrounds and chunky borders.

One-click delivery for web developers

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#CodePenChallenge: Literary Luminaries

The CodePen community celebrates their favorite page turners! Check out the Pens from week three of the March 2019 Tributes challenge, including Kristopher Van Sant's "Narnia".

Font Pairings

Julie Park shares a selection of pleasing font pairings from Google Web Fonts in this terrific typographic Pen.

The #1 local WordPress development tool

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The Fearsome Three | A Codepen Game

"The Fearsome Three is a CodePen mini game inspired by old NES/SNES games" from GillesK.

CSS Animations: Obvious CTA Buttons

A series of Call to Action buttons with varying levels of pushiness, ranging from subtle to serious social pressure. From Olivia Ng.

SVG Image Reflection

"Simple demo showing how to reflect all or a portion of a SVG image by using a clip-path and moving the duplicate an equal amount in the opposite direction" from Craig Roblewsky.

Map-inspired border (single element + CSS)

This Pen from blindingstars incorporates a stacked border and box-shadows to create a cartographic effect.

Background Texture Across Several Divs

Michael Burridge demonstrates how to display a single background texture across several differently colored divs in this interactive Pen. Open the settings panel in the lower right corner to change the pattern and play with the colors.

Google Cardboard: Cube

Dan Wilson is "experimenting with 3D transforms and adjusting perspective origin get a stereoscopic image" in this Pen designed to work with Google Cardboard.

Emotional Character

Ali Soueidan's character goes through a lot in this emotional Pen. "Click the emoji-buttons to interact with the character and trigger it to express the related emotion. The character is able to play 7 expressions".

BMO Vector Style Pure CSS

An adorable CSS illustration of Adventure Time sidekick BMO, from Nancy_GTR.

Maze Drawing Algorithm

This algorithm from eightarmshq "creates a grid of divs, then adds a coloured square in the center. It then checks the squares above, below, left and right to see if they are empty and within the maze area, and then draws in another square and repeats".