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March 4th: Burgers, Buttons, and Bombs

Kiss The Sky

In this peaceful, meditative game from Matthew Main "your goal is to breed a bright red flower that reaches all the way to the sky".

Say "thank u, next" to your dead-end job

Coding bootcamp Fullstack Academy is offering $100K in scholarships so you can get the skills you need to get hired as a developer ASAP.

#CodePenChallenge: Polygons 🔷

Check out the Pens from week four of the February 2019 Shapes challenge, including Liam Egan's gorgeous "Polygon Surface".

Creating Reveal Effects on Scroll

Katherine Kato shares how to create block reveal effects using CSS and the Animate on Scroll JS library in this tutorial post on

Pagination Buttons

A fun mobile pagination button concept from Himalaya Singh.


Netlify makes web hosting eye-openingly easy. One way to do it is to just literally drag and drop a folder. Even better, connect a Git repo to a Netlify site and tell it what branch you want to watch, then any commits to that branch will automatically go live, even running your sites build as it does it.

CSS Selectors Cheatsheet

Nana shares a handy cheatsheet with diagrams to help you level up your CSS selecting skills.

The Starry Night

Darryl Huffman transforms Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece into a work of WebGL art in this beautiful Pen.

3D-ish Hamburger Menu

Jon Kantner shares a tasty twist on the traditional hamburger menu. The burger unfolds to reveal clickable menu items on each layer.

Pokemon Let's Go! (UI)

Simon Goellner recreates the "the bouncy, bright UI and all of the subtle interactions" of Pokemon Let's Go in this playful Pen.

WebGL Wonderland

Colin van Eenige's collected WebGL experiments are a wonder to behold.

CodePen Radio #212: Challenge-iversary

It's the one year anniversary of the first #CodePenChallenge! Marie, Chris, and Cassidy look back on a year of the CodePen Challenge, and chat about plans for future challenge themes and prompts.


"I've been playing minesweeper since I was a kid, and have recently began playing it again a lot, and thought it would be a fun coding challenge to make it for the web. Here's a first stab at it" from Matt Soria.

Commodore Logo Original Design Sketch Reproduction

2pxsolidblack brings the original Commodore logo to the browser in this CSS illustration.