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February 25th: Aliens, Alignment, and Algorithms

Goldrosa | Josef Albers

Dan Harding animates a 1920s painting by Josef Albers with CSS in this striking Pen.

React for Beginners

It's time to learn React.js. With a focus on simplicity and readability, this course will have you building real time applications and dynamic website components in no time!

Transform-box: fill-box

A stylish demo from Cassie Evans: "I was rotating an SVG shape within a larger SVG when I noticed that the shape was taking the center of the SVG canvas as the origin of the transformation rather than its own center. To fix this add transform-box: fill-box to the shape you're rotating".

#CodePenChallenge: Blobs

The CodePen community threw out the ruler and compass to create soft, amorphous shapes for the blobs challenge. Check out the Pens from week three, including Jenny Kowalski's hilariously responsive "CSS Blob Fish".

CodePen PRO

Unlock the full power of CodePen with features like private content, asset uploading, live view, and embed themes.

CodePen Radio #211: Time Zones

Marie and Cassidy are chatting about time — what is time? How does CodePen, the app, handle time? How does Team CodePen deal with members spread across the globe? You'll find out... all in good time.

Role-Swapped Space Invaders

"A parody remake of Space Invaders where you play as the invaders instead of the laser base! Land on the ground or destroy the laser base thrice losing as few aliens as possible. Borrowed mechanics may not be 100% accurate" from Jon Kantner.

Displacement Scroll

Matthew Willox adds a jaw-dropping scroll effect to a set of cards by artist Thomas Denmark to create an otherworldly Pen.

our new land [SVG]

This mysterious landscape is part of a "series of plottable SVG Pens [that] is food for my AxiDraw plotter" from Gerard Ferrandez.

Electronic Algorithm v3

Luciano Felix shares a single element from a larger project, "Mini Elementarium", in this atomically interesting Pen.

CSS Grid: Monopoly (Harry Potter Edition)

Collect 200 galleons as you pass GO on Olivia Ng's enchanting grid Monopoly board, set in the Wizarding World.

CSS Filter Effects

"Get fancy with CSS filter sliders, and then grab the CSS for use in your project" with this handy Pen from Robin Hamill.

Aligning Type to Baseline Grid with CSS Variables

Mirko Zorić shares tips and resources for aligning type in a stylish post within a Pen.

Content Filter - Pure CSS - #05

Ivan Grozdic filters a gallery with CSS using a clever combination of checkboxes and classes.