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February 4th: Shaders, Spreadsheets, and Simpsons

The Materials of Everyday Things

Dig deep into "what things, things, are made of" in this enlightening interactive Project from Luca Gesmundo.

Testing That Doesn't Suck- Now on Mobile

Testim.io leverages artificial intelligence for the creation, execution and maintenance of automated test cases. Join the mobile beta today!

Third Attempt at a Fire Shader

Matthew Willox's attempts at fire shaders got off to a roaring start and have only gotten better! Check out this flaming hot 3rd try.

#CodePenChallenge: Perfect Purples 🍇

We wrapped up the Color Palettes challenge with purple! Check out the Pens from the final week of the January 2019 Color Palettes challenge, including Ana Tudor's stunning "Purple (grid) rain".

Stay True

Adam Kuhn translates a Dribbble shot by Andy Detskas into SCSS in Pen with a surprise message.


Here's how quick, powerful, and flexible hosting a site on Netlify can be: 1) Connect your repository (like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) 2) Tell it which branch, which directory, and what build command to run 3) That's it! Netlify will deploy your site live in seconds.

CSSans Pro - The colourful CSS font

Experiment with "The Colourful, Sassy, CSS Font" from Izabela Andronache and Codrin Pavel in its interactive documentation, right here on CodePen!

CodePen Radio #208: Tagging

Cassidy and Marie talk about a tiny detail that improved how we handle GitLab issues: tagging.

Homepage Template | Modern 1

Octavector shares a vibrant homepage template for you to use on your next project "...only if you like it that is!"

CSS Simpsons

We're blown away by the details in Alvaro Montoro's collection of "Simpsons characters drawn using HTML and CSS".

Vue Interactive Demo Tutorial

"A blog post-shaped Pen to teach the basics of Vue and how it works, with multiple interactive elements and code examples to hopefully illustrate Vue's core principles in an easy-to-understand way" from Josh Collinsworth.

CSS Grid: Excel Spreadsheet

A startlingly accurate rendition of the ubiquitous spreadsheet, created with CSS Grid by Oliva Ng.

Pure CSS Bojack Horseman

jh3y shares a CSS illustration of everybody's favorite cartoon horse in an existential crisis.

Format and Edit Matrices With This Little Tool

"When working on GLSL you format and edit matrices constantly. Matrices can be hard to read and edit which leads to mistakes." GSkinner created a Pen to help make that easier.