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January 7th: Flames, Flips, and Firsts


It's that time of year again! Take a look back at the most loved Pens, Posts, and Collections in 2018.


Jetpack brings a whole range of features to your self-hosted WordPress site. From realtime backups that keep your site safe (and make it easy to move!) to improved search results. From related posts to social media integration - it's a no-brainer plugin for people serious about making their sites better.

Daria MTV

Ilithya pays tribute to a 90s classic with a CSS illustration. Hover over Daria for an animated color change!

Flipping Out

"Just an array of animated table flipping text emoticons. Their original states are even copypasteable!" from Jon Kantner.


A colorful wave moves through three columns in Liam Egan's hypnotic Pen.

JustYourAverageOnion on YouTube

JustYourAverageOnion shares a time-lapse of how they coded the CSS illustration "Christmas Tree" from the holiday season.

CSS Grid: Bullet Journal

Olivia Ng kicks off the new year with a fresh new Moleskine-inspired journal, built with CSS grid.

Quote with Top/Bottom Border

Juan Pablo shares a nice example of pull-quote styling in this inspiring Pen.

Alien Abduction

"A CSS animation about an alien in a ufo abducting an innocent little sheep" from Josee.


A stunning pixelated blaze from J Scott Smith. Use your mouse or touch to control the fire if you dare.

Year in Pixels - LocalStorage

"Keep track of your days this year! LocalStorage used to keep track of it." A journal within a Pen from Romina Martin.

Slidey Radios (Swappy Radios Remix)

Liamj is back with another novel approach to radio buttons. Click an option and watch the selector slide into place.

All Gone (No Escape)

"The only way out is in" in this staggering cityscape from surrealist Gerard Ferrandez.

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