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February 6th: Bouncing, Beads, and BB8

Get Started With React Router v4

Ryan Florence created a handy Pen Template for people wanting to try out the latest React Router release.

Slick Settings

Gabrielle Wee created a very smooth animated example of a user settings panel, as part of the #dailyui challenge.

Animating Polygon Points

Nat Sayenko received questions about how she created her popular animated SVG pen so she created a tutorial for it.

Gooey Transition

A blob of canvas-based red, by Harry Parton, comes blobbing down the page, reversing out the text.

Frank-Einstein's Monster

Get it?! Clever stuff from Juan Riquelme, who also used Pug loops, Sass functions and variables, clipping paths, and gradients to pull this off.

BB8 from Star Wars

Make sure to check out Details View on this Pen from Nerdmanship for a writeup on some of the thinking and tech behind it.

Bounce Delay Loader

Joni Trythall's loader has very satisfying little shadows, colors, morphs, and staggering.

​Awesome Tool: Hotjar

See how your visitors are really using your site. Try it free.

Spherical Worlds

A post from "not important" documents the trouble in using squares to project a sphere, and the geometry that can be used to solve that problem.

SVG Stroke Made from Beads

An SVG shape can be made to have a "beaded" border, but it requires some trickery, shown here by yoksel. Multiple shapes are set on top of each other, each with thick offset dashes on them. The dashes are rounded with CSS. Each shape has different colored dashes, offset such that they appear alternating.


Tim Holman: "That spurred within me, a series of other similar switch based jokes!"


Make sure you click and drag around on Derek Morash's weird canvas exploration.