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This week: Pumpkins, Potatoes, and Poultry

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Pure CSS Product Card

Adam Kuhn took on the product card design that had Twitter in hot tears (and nailed it, of course!) Click through the card to configure the bike, then cruise it through to checkout.

#CodePenChallenge: Website Loaders

October's Challenge is all about early web cheese, and we kicked things off with the vintage web standby: loaders. Check out the Pens from week one, including Pepita K's flaming "My Epic Website".


Crystal S celebrates the stark beauty of brutalist architecture with this CSS illustration, inspired by Roy Smith's Dribbble shot.


A demonstration of perfect radial gradient plumage from abxlfazl.


A (free) two-day virtual conference for WooCommerce store builders that will help grow your business on October 13-14th, 2020. Learn from loads of WooCommerce experts on how to improve your WooCommerce store, including a big State of the Woo update from the WooCommerce team themselves.

Potato Critters

Participants in Cassie Evans' SVG workshop evolved a humble potato into a whole menagerie of critters. See them all together in this adorable Collection!

Spooky Raymarch Pumpkin Armada

Lea Rosema carves up an endless fleet of Jack O'Lanterns in this Halloween treat! Try it with sound on for maximum spookiness.

Nowhere (a CSS 3D Scene)

"A first-person view in a simple 3D world created in pure CSS" from Jon Kantner.

Rainbow Hypercube

Step into the rainbow, fall down into the rainbow, and eventually become the rainbow in this mindbending Three.js piece from Louis Hoebregts.

Ceramic Looped

A gorgeous experiment in color, light, and texture with JavaScript from Fabio Ottaviani.

Little Death

Alvaro Montoro brings a grim little buddy to your browser with CSS.

Single Div CSS Sloth

For divtober's "Slow" prompt, Lynn Fisher illustrates the world's slowest skateboarder.

Light 4

Liam Egan continues a series of experiments with darkness and light with this beautiful Pen. Check out Liam's profile for more!