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This week: Wings, Waves, and Water

Create inclusive web experiences

Deque's axe DevTools Pro makes accessibility testing easy. Find and fix issues while you code. Get started for free. No credit card needed.

Table teniCSS

Red and blue are locked in an endless game of table tennis in this incredible CSS animation from Amit Sheen.

Running Waves with D3

A ridgeline chart makes waves in this generative art demonstration from gnykka.

Calm in the Iridescence

Clear your mind (and maybe melt it a little) with this psychedelic display of Three.js iridescence from Daryl Huffman.

#CodePenChallenge: Skip

For the final week of the February challenge our action word was "Skip". Check out the Pens from week four, including Paulina Hetman's animated "Take a Rope and Skip to Spring".

#the100dayproject CSS micro-fauna 65/100

Sandra Davis shares a beautiful collection of CSS mini-animals from the water to the land to the air.

CodePenRadio #304: Security at CodePen

Co-Founders Chris Coyier and Alex Vazquez are on to tell the NeverEnding Story of security at CodePen.

31. taint

Crystalline mountains bloom over a sea of waves in this gorgeous Pen from ycw.

A Space Odyssey

Mustafa Enes curates a tremendous Collection of excellent space-themed work from the CodePen community.

Animation Homer 3D Donut ThreeJS GSAP Game

Toss a donut to your Homer in this fun mini-game from Ricardo Sanprieto.

Sea Otter-Bear GSAP Animation

A bear drifts along in water, sea otter style, in this adorable animation from Monica Powell.

Catpacks: Combining Clip Path & Shape Outside

Allison Tarr shows how the pairing of clip-path and shape-outside are the cat's meow for combining images and text.

Giraffe Cut-Out GSAP Runner

Chris Dowling recreates the handmade magic of a kid's paper cut-out giraffe in this adorable animation. Check out the bits of tape holding it all together!


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