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This week: Impossible Cubes, Liminal Bytes, and Candy Toggles

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Open Source Built Almost Everything

The Internet was built on Open Source. Your Open Source. At tea, we respect the thankless sacrifices you’ve made for everybody else. Let us pay back the favor. Apply now for $250k in grants.

Tootsie Pop Toggle

"The more you interact with this switch, the more the center of the Tootsie Pop will show itself! How many (c)licks will it take to get there?" From Jon Kantner.

Card Hover Effect

A gray cover pixelates and fades away to reveal a very cool logo in this card hover effect with shaders from Juxtopposed.

Bitwise 📼 Liminal

Frank Force shares a "256 Byte Short Film", crafted for the Lovebyte Party 2024.

My Astropens

Explore the cosmos in this fantastic collection of space-inspired Pens by Mustafa Enes.

Impossible Carved Cubes - CSS

Josetxu does the seemingly impossible with this tricky set of illusion cubes, complete with a perfect grainy gradient texture. Take a look behind the scenes in the live coding timelapse video.

Hack "The Gibson" (CSS)

Konstantin Denerz takes us back to the 90s with an homage to an iconic scene in the movie Hackers. Pop open the tweakpane in the upper right corner and do a little hacking yourself!

Cubic Text

Amit Sheen performs a mindbending CSS trick, creating a marquee-style text crawl moving all around a rotating cube.

#CodePenChallenge: Leaping Loaders

The third week of our "Leap Year" challenge was all about animated loaders. Check out our collection from week 3, including Pens by Adam Kuhn, Pedro Ondiviela, Susan Labude, and ccprog.

Bokeh Background

Could 2024 be the year of the bokeh comeback? If it looks as good as this brilliant parallaxing specimen from Kevin Levron, we're here for it ✨

Charming Brew

Gabriele Corti warms up a potion of "semi-transparent colors and SVG path" in this playful Pen, part of Gabriele's ongoing Zdog Monday series.