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                <form id="form">

  <fieldset cf-questions="Ready to try a conditional flow?">
    <label for="intro-yes">Yes
			            <input type="radio" name="cfc-intro" id="intro-yes" value="yes">

    <label for="intro-no">No thanks
			            <input type="radio" name="cfc-intro" id="intro-no" value="no">

    <label for="intro-disabled">Disabled..
			            <input type="radio" disabled name="cfc-intro" id="intro-disabled" value="ignore">

  <input type="text" id="gr8" name="cfc-step1" cf-questions="Conditional flow pre, please write, <strong>gr8</strong> to continue, if you write something else than <strong>gr8</strong> the will you will skip elements." cf-conditional-cfc-intro="yes" />

  <fieldset cf-questions="<strong>{gr8}!</strong> Please choose a path.">
    <input required type="radio" name="cfc-path" id="path-a" value="a" cf-conditional-cfc-step1="^gr8$||great">
    <label for="path-a">Path A</label>

    <input required type="radio" name="cfc-path" id="path-b" value="b" cf-conditional-cfc-step1="^gr8$||great">
    <label for="path-b">Path B (checkboxes and radiobuttons)</label>

    <input required type="radio" name="cfc-path" id="path-d" value="d" cf-conditional-cfc-step1="^gr8$||great">
    <label for="path-d">Path D (C is ignored)</label>

  <!--Path A-->
  <input id="path-a-1" type="text" cf-questions="Path A question 1/1, try and change your previous choice to B" cf-conditional-cfc-path="a" />

  <!--Path B-->
  <fieldset cf-questions="Path B question 1/2, multi choice">
    <input required type="checkbox" cf-conditional-cfc-path="b" name="cfc-path-b-checkbox" id="path-b-checkbox-1" value="test1">
    <label for="path-b-checkbox-1">Path B, checkbox 1</label>

    <input required type="checkbox" cf-conditional-cfc-path="b" name="cfc-path-b-checkbox" id="path-b-checkbox-2" value="test2" checked="checked">
    <label for="path-b-checkbox-2">Path B, checkbox 2</label>

  <!-- if both checkboxes are checked-->
  <!-- also path b -->
  <!-- two different conditions !-->
  <input id="path-b-alternative" type="text" cf-questions="Both checkboxes checked and path 'b' was choosen, hurray \o/" cf-conditional-cfc-path="b" cf-conditional-cfc-path-b-checkbox="test1,test2" />

  <fieldset cf-questions="Path B question 2/2, radio buttons, <strong>hint:</strong> choose one to continue">
    <input required type="radio" cf-conditional-cfc-path="b" name="cfc-path-b-radio" id="path-b-radio-1" value="test1">
    <label for="path-b-radio-1">Path radio 1</label>

    <input required type="radio" cf-conditional-cfc-path="b" name="cfc-path-b-radio" id="path-b-radio-2" value="test2" checked="checked">
    <label for="path-b-radio-2">Path radio 2</label>

  <!--Path C-->
  <input type="text" cf-questions="Path C question 1/1, I will be completly ignored as there is no C Path." cf-conditional-cfc-path="c" />

  <!--Path D, section > option-->
  <select cf-questions="Path D question 1/1, Pick an option." cf-conditional-cfc-path="d" name="path-d-option">
			        <option value="option-a" selected>Path D 2/2 #1</option>
			        <option value="option-b">Path D 2/2 #2</option>

  <input type="text" cf-questions="Path D question 2/2/1" cf-conditional-path-d-option="option-a" />

  <input type="text" cf-questions="Path D question 2/2/22" cf-conditional-path-d-option="option-b" />

  <!-- standard flow, no confitionals -->
  <input id="nope" type="text" cf-questions="You decided not to continue on the conditional adventure, Zelda is sad." cf-conditional-cfc-intro="no" />

  <fieldset cf-questions="I am apart of standard flow, a natural part of the flow. No conditionals involved here.">
    <input required type="radio" name="standard-radios" id="standard-yes" value="a">
    <label for="standard-yes">Standard radio 1</label>

    <input required type="radio" name="standard-radios" id="standard-no" value="b">
    <label for="standard-no">Standard radio 2</label>

  <input id="outsider" type="text" cf-questions="Lst step of the flow (not a conditional step)" />
<div id="cf-context" role="cf-context" cf-context></div>


                #cf-context { 
  width: 100vw; 
  height: 100vh; 
#form {
  height: 0px;
  overflow: hidden;


                window.onload = function() {
  var testValidation = function(dto, success, error) {
    console.log("dto....", dto, success, error);
    if (dto.text.indexOf("world") != -1) return success();
    return error();

  const dispatcher = new cf.EventDispatcher();
    function(event) {
      // console.log("chat list updated...", event);

  var conversationalForm = new cf.ConversationalForm({
    formEl: document.getElementById("form"),
    context: document.getElementById("cf-context"),
    eventDispatcher: dispatcher,
    preventAutoFocus: true,
    flowStepCallback: function(dto, success, error) {
    submitCallback: function() {
      // remove Conversational Form
      alert("You made it!");
      console.log("Form submitted...");