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Tentacle simulation using inverse kinematics


  1. Wow man. You just gotta click on this pen. It feels like an anime cartoon come to life

  2. I'm truly speechless and amazed. awesome pen!

  3. Great to see this stuff in JS/CSS3 instead of flash!

  4. There is something truly terrifying and awesome about this. Reminds me of the matrix squids.

  5. This is so amazing! I'm pretty jealous of this pen! Nice Job.

  6. cant wait to see a whole cartoon serious made with javascript, is there such a thing? this animation looks great.

  7. OMG! u r so creative :)

  8. BEAU-TEE-FULL!!!! Great work.

  9. i love it,thanks for your great work

  10. good god its amazing!

  11. This reminds me some Cthulhu books that I have read. Great work!

  12. What a creature! :p

  13. Un be lievable! Very nice!

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