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                <link href="|Economica|Poppins|Vesper+Libre" rel="stylesheet"> <!--font choice to similer-->
  <div id="1st-row">
    <div class="col-xs-4" id="image-container"><img id="main-image" src=,602.jpg alt=" T. E Lawrance arabia" ></div>
    <div class="col-xs-4" id="main-text"><h1>T.E Lawrance<h1><h2>Leveraging Britan to unite a people</h2>
      <p>Lawrance arrived in Cairo to take up service in the Arab Bureau on 15 December 1914. The situation during 1915 was complex. Within the Arabic-speaking Ottoman territories, there was a growing Arab-nationalist movement, including many Arabs serving in the Ottoman armed forces. They were in contact with Sharif Hussein, Emir of Mecca, who was negotiating with the British, offering to lead an Arab uprising against the Ottomans. In exchange, he wanted a British guarantee of an independent Arab state there was resistance from French diplomats, who insisted that Syria's future was as a French colony not an independent Arab state. Lawrence was involved in the build-up to the capture of Damascus in the final weeks of the war. He was not present at the city's formal surrender, much to his disappointment and contrary to instructions which he had issued, having arrived several hours after the city had fallen. Lawrence entered Damascus around 9am on 1 October 1918 but was the third arrival of the day. Lawrence was instrumental in establishing a provisional Arab government under Faisal in newly liberated Damascus—which he had envisioned as the capital of an Arab state. Faisal's rule as king, however, came to an abrupt end in 1920, after the battle of Maysaloun, when the French Forces of General Gouraud entered Damascus under the command of General Mariano Goybet, destroying Lawrence's dream of an independent Arabia. During the closing years of the war, Lawrence sought to convince his superiors in the British government that Arab independence was in their interests—with mixed success. The secret Sykes-Picot Agreement between France and Britain contradicted the promises of independence that he had made to the Arabs and frustrated his work.
      <aside id="positoning"><div class="col-xs-3"id="time-line-main"><h2>Time line</h2>
        <div class="time-line"><ul>
<li><b>1888</b> august Lawrence was born out of wedlockin wales</li>
<li><b>1906</b>, Lawrence and Beeson toured France by bicycle</li>         
 <li><b>1909</b>, he set out alone on a three-month walking tour of crusader castles in Ottoman Syria, during which he travelled 1,000 mi on foot. </li>         
<li><b>1910</b> he sailed for Beirut and on his arrival went to Jbail (Byblos), where he studied Arabic
<li><b>1914</b> he befan working as an archaeologist</li>
          <li><b>1914</b>, Woolley and Lawrence were co-opted by the British military to survey the negev desert</li>
 <li><b> 1916,</b> he was sent to Arabia on an intelligence mission and quickly became involved with the Arab Revolt</li>         

 <li><b>1918</b> capture of Damascus in October.</li>
<li><b>1922</b>, he retreated from public life </li>
 <li><b>1922</b> the Seven Pillars of Wisdom was written and published upon his retirment one of the first books to feacher the twin scimitars</li>
<li><b>1935</b> serving as an enlisted man, mostly in the Royal Air Force,</li>
<li><b>1935</b>, Lawrence was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident in Dorset.</li>
    <div class="col-xs-4"id="quote" >

<h3><b>&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp"I loved you, so I drew these tides of men into my hands<br>
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp and wrote my will across the sky in star<br>
    &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspTo earn you Freedom, the seven-pillared worthy house,<br>
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspthat your eyes might be shining for me<br>
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp When we came."</h3>
</div><!-- To much nsp& find work around-->
      <div class="col-xs-5">
        <a href=""> <img id="Wikipedia" src= alt=" T. E Lawrance arabia"></a></div>


body{background-color= #eaeabe}
font-family: 'Poppins', sans-serif;
h2{font-family: 'Poppins', sans-serif;}}
li{margin-top: 5px;font-family: 'Poppins', sans-serif;}
font-family: 'Economica', sans-serif;}
font-family: 'Cinzel', serif;
  border:2px solid #d8d8d8; }
#Wikipedia{ border:5px solid #000000;
  border-radius: 80%;
/*Figure out better way to format in line with h2 element*/